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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


That was to JoJo about a different aspect :wink:
Sorry if I confused ya!


This mix is awesome !!!


That’s a really old one. I really enjoyed it myself. I’m glad you like it.


In my country too. I think is all Europe the same at this?


I do not know but i know France all is still allowed, where you from ?
Belgium here.


From Greece.


I forgot to say before…

I don’t like you anymore. :angry:

(I don’t have a single flavor for that, and it sounds absolutely DElish!)


Ha, :yum:

I’m sorry. It’s a pretty great coffee flavor, even if you don’t like coffee flavors because it’s just so tame. I don’t like many coffee flavors, but it’s just delicious. The Norwegian Cake OOO isn’t really necessary, it’s more of almond pastry cake/powdered sugar. I bought up all the new FW Cakes, so I have to put them to good use lol.


I love coffee! And one of my favorite cakes had a buttercream frosting with a coffee liquer mixed in the center layer. So yeah. Not a problem. Lol


Vaping one of my own this morning. I was in the mood for some grapefruit and all we have in the kitchen is clementines which are nice, but…

I dug through my juice drawer and found 4 oz I mixed in June. I just love this juice.

Bull City has the flavor pack available if you don’t have the flavors…


I’m about to go mix this in a few minutes.

@Flavologist @fidalgo_vapes


Looks delicious! I’ve mixed cherry and cherry blossoms before, it is one of my favorites! Smoothes out the edges all around and is a familiar but unique flavor.
I can’t wait too try this! I might have to go in cahoots with you too use it on our vape line!


Dude, if you like it its all yours. :wink:


Thank you! I always like to ask for permission instead of stealing (I hate that). You mind if we call it Vapeymama’s butterfly milk?
I like to give credit where credit is due. It’s easy to come up a name (scratch that, it’s easy for others. I’m a different breed with little imagination in that area) but it takes true artistic talent to be a flavor artist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yeah no problem! I just think it’s cool to be able to make stuff that other people like, too.

Haha go for it! You may be a bit premature though… It might suck. Lol But if it pans out you can use it how you want, “VapeyMama” or not. :wink:

Ok, I’m about to mix. :+1:

Will report back.


One I slightly remixed

I always keep a bottle around in my ADV rotation.


Weather has been on a strange mood swing up here in the Adirondacks, so I’ve been on a fall weather-y kick and enjoying this.

Delicious buttery-maple RY4👍🏻

Also, busted out a bottle of my easy Nanner Puddin’ I’ve had steeping for just over a month now. Built a couple fresh twisted claptons (2x 28g nichrome 80 twisted core, clapton’d with 34g SS 316L) on my reload RTA just for this occasion. It’s turned out quite nice IMO :hugs:


drooooool That sounds so good!


If you’re like me, then u will catch yourself muttering dirty things to a tank full of this lol. I always keep this one mixed up😉


I have mixed and revised this Spicy Apple Mix so many times, using INW Biscuit, FA Apple Pie, and finally it hit me exactly what I wanted this to be. This is my final version, exactly as I want, thanks to @David5362 sending me his wonderful Apple Butter Toffee. I never much liked the popular apple flavors, but RF Apple Butter is exactly the flavor I was looking for. Maple Bourbon Apple Butter!