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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I thought you sent it to me a while back.


May have been a drunken night. Blurry all of it.


Could have been worst! Glad that this was all there is.


The only reason I said that is because you believe your statement. I believe my statement. So none of us were backing down. At that point in time it was pointless. That’s why I said that. Not to argue more. Just to try to walk away.


@Skullblade789 That’s a shockingly simple, and good idea for @Grubby’s NYC.


Aims to please.


@jojo, Is that hushing ??



Shush you! =P :shushing_face:


Raspberry Cotton Candy ?


Something else there. Not quite got it licked.


@Sprkslfly Same boat here. JUST bought my first two flavors from MF and DC was one of them. Going to try it naked, and also using @Pro_Vapes DIY BASE.




Dammmit, I got it wrong again… Moji’s haunt me.


Before you make this base, try the recipe it was created from. It needs a couple weeks steep…

I’m actually working on an improved version also. The FT was very good, but it’s only been a 1 day steep…


@Pro_Vapes You said recipe ? I see the DIY MC and a “new” Flavor Base ?


Sorry for the confusion. Here’s both original recipes…

The Old One…

The New Version WIP


Although I’m still letting the GMIX steep, and have not tried the MF DC as a single flavor yet, I’m VERY surprised to smell how the TPA BC is affecting the MF DC. Will def. try the MCB and see how it changes with the frosting and vienna cream. Thanks @Pro_Vapes


If nothing else, testing these should give an idea for your own MC Base… Good Luck.


Is that a thing now? o0 :rofl: LMAO

Does it change flavor as it crosses a sensitive area or something? :thinking: I might have to look into this…

Seriously though. I can’t wait until someone /hint @BullCityFlavors @Nicotine_River hint/ starts rebottling and stocking smaller amounts of MF product! #dreamOn


If vaping it naked changes the flavor, how would mixing it naked affect it?

And what power tools would you be using?