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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Nah, I am good. Saving for something good.


Then in that case I hope it isn’t me. I’ve read a lot of your stuff, and can only imagine what you’d consider good!


Been saving it up. Yeah I do not know. When it happens though. I think it might be bad.


Yes, that’s what I was eluding too. I was so busy chasing the flavor and had not realized it was the texture that was the issue. Couldn’t agree more.

When it happens, please tag me in so I can see it. All I did was rib you about a Whiterose mod and about got my head shredded. Can’t wait to watch Mt. Skullblade erupt.


I’m safe right? :grin: :wink: :kissing_heart:


Wasn’t meant for you at all what PV said. He has to repeat what people say to have an input.



Thanks for the repeat and “sage” wisdom.


You pic/icon is just soooooo serious. Lol.


It wasn’t me, it was Sprksfly. To me all you did was retweak what he said. Everyone here got what he said. Then you said “You can’t texturize air”. Well duh. We are not simpletons here.


It’s more of a statement than a Icon. It’s someone I’m following. My old PV flag will return in time.


If not looking closely I always think your are secretly picking your buggers and tasting them. Evaluating the flavor profile based on what you have been vaping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::man_facepalming:


I thought that’s what I just basically said. :laughing:

While some require a bit of imagination to assist…there has to be a minimum standard to point you in the direction of getting the imagination to cover the last 30-40% of the way IMO.

All I was saying is that, for me, there’s not even enough there to be able to put “imaginary jumper cables” on. In essence: the “cake battery” is dead shorted. Worthless.

Seriously. No one expects to get texture out of a vape. But it doesn’t take much imagination to get the gist of apple pie for example. Cinnamon, apples, brown sugar, etc. All have close approximations. In worst case flavors, that requires a bit of imagination.

That’s quite the leap.

And quite beyond what I was trying to explain.
But, it may be the point of distinction.

If it is requiring that much imagination… I would say that either

  • that any given recipe which evokes such a reaction needs serious work,
    -or a flavor has not been fully nor properly represented yet (by whatever creative or technical limitations that have prevented it from hitting the market thus far).

Just my 2¢ and YMMV


You know what. Your right.

It is what I always say in a pointless argument.


No… you stay I’ll delete and bow out.


If you feel that strong about it then keep it.

Quit being that way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Stand up for YOUR OPINION. Right or WRONG. Let people see for themselves.

Quit being a damned weak individual when someone questions you.

If you feel that strongly then keep it. You felt strongly enough to stand up for it. SO STAND UP FOR IT AND BEHIND IT!


I see how you interpret my reply, so in order to avoid an argument I kindly bow out kind sir.




Cheer up everyone. It’s Friday!


Where did you get my selfie?