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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


So easy to say, so hard to stick with! And why? Because the flavors you have will run out! Then you’re thinking hmm, rather than order a replacement, let me try this other flavor so I can make X. Then you make it and it’s so good, but now you need this other flavor to go with the one you just got instead of re-ordering the other. But wait, now I want to make the other recipe and…

Well that’s been my experience. Good luck sticking with 90. I hope one day to have your self control :)[quote=“Shaner, post:1635, topic:26021, full:true”]
Wow … Been a while since I’ve visited here … Glad to see the post I started has over 1600 replies! Very cool.

Dude, where have you been? I hope all is well.


This is pretty good…


I am vaping on the following:
Vanilla Apple Bourbon Cake
Vanilla Bourbon Pipe NET
Game Over Clone.
Citrus Punch Menthol
Strawberry Biscuit and Cream

Just a versatile mix to enjoy.


sounds tasty… one of your own? Can you post a recipe so I can try and adapt it to RFSC?


Sorry that i didnt reply to this sooner, i didnt see it.

It is truly something special, so different than anything i have vaped. I havent even let it cure properly but i do have plenty mixed that at least some of it will be cured by the time i finish this bottle and the next will be fully cured.


No worries at all. I do look forward to try this recipe out. Still haven’t gotten around to order whats missing but it is on my to do list :wink:


I am vapin on some ELR tobacco. Basically throw in a bunch of nut flavorings and some RY4 Double. Good stuff.

Also 33 degrees, a blue raspberry candy and menthol.


Vaping on a partial fail right now trying to make a cherry clafouti it is not ready yet but it will need some more flavor - a smidge of vanilla and some pancake should do it. Now where is my drawing board so I can go back to it.


Vaping PRY4U by DIYorDIE in a KF5 Clone with a 1ohm coil :yum:


My Pindad loves this one at the moment
Inspired by @SthrnMixer and his lovely Original …
Dragon Snot (SthrnMixer Original) Thanks to him :slight_smile:


Making this stuff today http://tjek.nu/r/a1Xq Simian Flakes,…like frosted/cereal 27 with sliced banana. I found this browsing… original credit goes to youtube user Blind Views.
Yesterday I mixed the following:
http://tjek.nu/r/4Znh -Flawless-Game Over Clone
http://tjek.nu/r/7NaB -SkyBlade (neon green slushie)
http://tjek.nu/r/8FDz - Sour Melon Candy

Working on a MOV/Way of the Dragon Clone for a Mocha Cookie and an Ambrosia Fruit mix.
Had to take some time off from mixing, just moved to a new city/job and found out that we have expecting a baby :smiley:


Yeah, Flawless Game Over is awesome. I love that and is my mix rotation all the time. I just have a different version. I totally forgot about Way of the Dragon stuff. That was the bomb.

Welcome to the group. Congrats on the new kiddo. You have great tastes.


hey thanks skullblade. I saw the melon candy and thought it sounded pretty interesting. The thing with the game over clone is that I had to sub the fruit circles with fruity flakes, (as I ran out of fruit circles) hahaha, The WOD stuff, a user releashed a clone for the cinnamon toast crunch version and then a banana cream dessert clone. The last one is the mocha cookie. I made a…cookie thing, and it was ok but its a bare base mocha, not a one shot of it.

Game over smells great, and the slushie, (i’m a huge citrus punch fan) I thought was like a MT Dew slushie but it smells awesome too. The Sour Melon Candy, I subbed Cantaloupe CAP for the Melon LA and it smells just like a bag of sour gummies. And I’ve been on here for a few years but thanks for the welcome. It’ll be my third kid so :slight_smile: it’ll be interesting


Just my thoughts, what about a tiramisu flavoring in there? Also a TFA Double Chocolate Clear (tiny amount) and TFA Milk Chocolate (tiny amount). That might get your mocha flavor.


don’t have tiramisu, and don’t know what that is but I got the milk chocolate. I’ll be trying that next. …gotta lower the coffee JF …woo it was def prominent.


Just re-wicked a boreas and filled it up with this recipe I found over on ECF, quite tasty:

Butterscotch Cheesecake
8.00% New York Cheesecake V2 (CAP)
6.00% Butterscotch (FW)
2.00% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)
1.00% Bavarian Cream DX (TFA)
1.00% Caramel Original DX (TFA)
0.25% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)


It is like a coffee cake type thing. It is goid and a great additive for coffee vapes.



Super Sweet - CAP 0.7%
Marshmallow - TPA 4%
Strawberry Kiwi - FW 5%
Sweet Strawberry - CAP 3%
Sweet Watermelon - CAP 7%
Steeping - 2 Weeks

Delicious… :yum:


sounds ok for a standalone but I’m not about mixing flavors that aren’t called for. tiramisu is apparently a cake dessert that’s dipped in coffee, but isn’t based on that. I usually like to stick to basic bases :slight_smile:


Huh? I have no idea what your talking about…