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What're you listening to?


Ok after all that weirdness (except for Puscifier, I really like the lyrics for that one) I will add another, a bit more weird but I like Industrial. Is it weird I find him hypnotically sexy???:rofl:



What a fantastically nasty dirty man! And again, you’ve reminded me of another song!


Interesting-Kind of a mashup of Nitzer Ebb meets Marilyn Manson meets Marquise de Sade. Kinkadelic!!!


Good analogy I may have to watch Quills tonight. Sade so taboo…


@anon37447350 Much respect now. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played that song, and I love it. Outstanding cover, and thanks very much for posting it.


@anon37447350 I used to tell people that I played for free, but you had to pay me to hump all the gear !!!


Nice one @Molly_Mcghee . Here’s what your song reminded me of with a bit of @paingawd referral to Sade. :scream_cat:
They’re coming…Ha-haaaa!


That’s an awesome cover!! :smile:

Here’s one I’m listening to today:


Love me some Maria Brink. I saw her at Warped in 2009 before she got big. Here she is in the mosh pit.

Some of my favs…


I’d love to experience a mosh pit, but I must admit that just watching that video, made my palms sweaty!!! “The Promise” is the first In This Moment song I ever heard. My bestie had me listen to it and then she told me that the lyrics remind her of me and @Cutlass92’s relationship. Wasn’t sure how to take that until she explained that there’s so much intense passion between us. She’s also described our relationship as two people passing a stick of lit dynamite back and forth. But in a good way… of course. :joy:

Ah, something a bit softer…


But I prefer this one:


…and now I’m having flashbacks of crazy ex’s. Thanks!


LOVE me some Chet Faker! Here’s the song that caught me:

His version of No Diggity is pretty slammin too.


They sound like Real Dolls… :rofl:


I really like BOTH of those too!!!



Saw those guys in concert about 10 years ago. They sound exactly like their album and put on a hell of a show


Hmmm, maybe I should invest in some anti-anxiety meds and start going to concerts!


I feel that I may be getting a little old for shows like that. I’m starting to feel like the old guy in the room :joy::joy:


Haha, well, I might be the old chick in the room, but I really have no clue what the average age of concert goers are!!!