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What're you listening to?


Probably would have been better off purchasing a Real Doll than dating some of the ladies I have! LOL! That being said, I’m certain there’s a few women out there that could say the same about yours truly, so it all comes out even.


There’s nothing that quite compares to live music. I’ve had the great pleasure of watching some awesome shows-From fully packed coliseums(Pink Floyd) to some local musicians(Mr. Yuk) and every show is indelibly etched upon my memory.(OK, so maybe not all of PF. Shrooms are a helluva drug) If there’s a smallish venue around, I’d say start there. I’m lucky enough to live near one of the best venues for catching an intimate show with some damn fine artists. The Big Room at Sierra Nevada Brewery is just choice. There’s not a bad seat in the place and only holds +/-300 people, depending on if they’ve got the floor open for dancing. I’ve seen David Grisman, Tommy Emmanuel, Nathan James and a bunch of others there. Plus, great beer and food!


Now, I’ve been to plenty of Drag shows. :joy:

I’ll keep an eye out for concerts in small venues, though and give it a shot!!


I really need to get to one of those! My wife is a HUGE drag fan! BRB, gonna go look up what’s playing down in SF next month!


Always liked this cover of that song


I like that cover!!! She’s gotta great voice!!

I’m “dragging” @Cutlass92 to this on October 5th with our daughter and her fiancé. It’s going to be AWESOME!!!


According to whom?



There’s a couple of my favorite arctic monkey songs :grin:


Ooh and this 1 too :joy::joy::joy:


Dude-just drop the Manly Man and go! It’ll be a blast, I’m sure!


Dude I’m giving her shit! She need more than I can give her, so any chance I get I give it!


Got it! I’ll shut up and go back to my corner now…


Keep it up buddy and you’ll be drug along in full drag. Including the tuck.


He’s gone to one show before and hid in the corner, playing games on his phone. This one we have VIP meet and greet tickets for and they are world famous queens for RuPaul’s Drag Race. There will be pictures. He will have pictures with 7 foot tall men dressed as glamorous women. And he will have big ass grin on his face. Plus, there’s alcohol. :joy:


Don’t believe him! I need someone on MY side!!! :joy:


no! NO! NO!
apparently that is not a complete sentence!


@Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee, do we need Dr. Phil to step in and referee?