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What're you listening to?





Micheal Schenker of UFO & Scorpians :heart:


my fav scorpions


Good one! I have that vinyl. I should put it on my wall. :wink: Love the cover art. I have Animal Magnetism up now.


Don’t pass over chills like:


Nice one!! Never heard of them. Thanks for posting it. I’ll be listening to more of them. Love finding new to me bands. :relaxed:


Famous for , but i love that whole album


Dig the phone, i still have mine


Tnx. It’s hooked up too. LOL So retro. It was fun watching a friend try to make a call on it. xD The next time he came over he walked in with a pocket one talking on it. I died laughing.



That’s funny. I listen to a band called The 1975. Can’t understand half of what he sings. But I still likey. Thankfully there’s google eh?


Does my dog barking at a small child in a pink tutu qualify as something I’m listening to?


thats always playing here


I know! Its like elevator music!


No but we will take DR @paingawd please!



Times 3 here. Big, ole hound dogs!!! Ruuuuuuuf ruuuuuf!