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What're you listening to?





Speaking of Prince… check his guitar playing out at about 3:25 of the video






My neighbor in Tesuque NM…
We roasted a shit load of green chiles together,
and drank a lake of beer with our friends.


In the old days …early 1970’s …Wavy Gravy, Bonnie Jean, O2, Black Jason, Red Dog, Jarrett, Hog Farm West, and all of us in-between CA and NM [as a way to afford to live, an income of sorts] made a successful attempt to get “poet” Leonard to the states to perform…the road was short, and the flame was out faster than it could be re-lit…with the help of Joni Mitchell, and years later, the candle burned brightly as others covered his signature [Hallelujah] and the world has never looked back since.

I worked the [medical tent] at Woodstock and first met Leonard as a friend of Joan Baez…HEY ! not because they were in need of the tent facilities…only because we were all on the stage side. He was there as a friend…too bad he never got to perform there.
He was a little older than me, but I was a good bit older than most that were at Yasgur’s farm for the incredible fiasco of love and music that will live in infinity.

I have a painting that Leo did, a cat, that Leonard painted of what he recalled Lucy to be when he met her…I don’t think it looks anything like her. You must understand his perspective…sitting on the porch, drinking beer , and a mountain lion walks into the room like a puppy dog…and you are alone.

You are new, Mew, [that rhymes] in a way…some folks know of my import/export animal rescue from all over the world, and some are very familiar with my beloved Lucy, a three-legged mountain lion that lived on my lap [at TV time] for 19 years…but I swear to you, I am normal…

I am so happy that you made a connection with Leonard Cohen…and I bet you have heard of him many times [cover songs] …you just didn’t realize it.
God bless you.


Amazing story. I have read some of the older threads here and knew you were a doctor. How amazing to work the tent there at Woodstock. I bet you have a ton of stories about it. I have watched documentaries of Woodstock and the movie, Taking Woodstock and am totally in awe and jealous you experienced that.
Did I read that right? You have a painting that Cohen did? And a pet lion is extremely cool. I’d love to see pictures of it and Woodstock if you have.
And don’t worry about normal around me… I tend to be a bit abbey normal :wink:
Here’s one of my fav songs from Woodstock…




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I won’t deny that I’m inclined to isolate.


You knock me off of my feet now baby… WHOOOOOOOW!




Would you know my name-ah