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What're you listening to?





If you walk outside and look at the sky, how far does it go? Does it only go to a certain point, or does it go on into infinity ? If it only goes to a certain point, what is on the other side of where it stops? If it is infinity, I can’t even begin to think how far that is…




Autumn vapes need autumn songs.
Have a seat for this one, it takes a while.


This is your fault @woftam!



I saw them live, they were amazing!


Wow, where have I been since this thread got started? Good idea @Mew!

If anyone loves the movie Dazed and Confused, Synthesizers is a great video! Apparently it’s Wooderson stayed the same age, not those high school girls he was talking about!





@Jenny1978 I didn’t start this thread. @sublime did back in 2015. But I enjoy contributing since I’m a big music lover. :heart: Glad you found it. :sunglasses:




Where are the days…


Well we know better
Just look them in his eyes and say
We’re gonna do it anyway


Early Fleetwood Mac

Where Cosby learned how to mix drinks. :nauseated_face: