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What're you listening to?




Is this the new “Mothers Of Invention”…since Zappa has passed on?



Ian always seems to bring out some great memories , my favs that @ozo hadn’t got around to posting yet !:wink:
Living in the Past

Cross Eyed Mary

Thick as a Brick


No #needed but hash would be welcomed…:relaxed:




Bedtime music


Try some great stoner rock from wollongong Australia on Australia day @BoyHowdy will help you get to sleep no doubt


And some awesome modern gutitar rock, from the west coast of the US I believe


Many Thanks ! I am going to see the Silversun Pickups in Nashville , Tn , they will be with This band.
Don’t Judge!:laughing:


Did you enjoy tumbleweed. Beautiful elegant guitar rock with grunt. Love em

Oh man enjoy silversun pickups. We don’t get a lot of acts come here, but we have a lot of home grown talent to make up for it. Except Keith Urban, mind you he has mad guitar chops. Just a bit a dork, not at all like myself. Lol.


Who’s headlining, I wouhave thought third eye blind yes.


I did , a little different but I have no problem listening to them.I would still prefer another Australian Band…
Bon Scott preferred!


Correct , Third Eye Blind is headlining the show , tickets go on sale today.





RIP Butch Trucks


As a drummer myself this is Sad news, I have always loved the Allman Brothers and Southern Rock

RIP Butch Trucks