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What're you listening to?


This year isn’t starting out too damn good. I don’t think I can handle a repeat of last year.


It was very bad but I feel we shouldn’t dwell on things we can’t control.Nothing wrong with shedding a few tears though , I know I have with the passing of some of these artists.Musicians and the music they make are magical ,they bring back special events in our lives each time we hear THAT song.

I find it helps to select a few of your favorite recordings of that artist and just crank it up and tune in to what the music is telling us.
As long as someone…anyone… somewhere…anywhere… experiences the music that they made that artist will always live in the magical gift they bestowed upon us.
May God bless us all but especially the musicians!


Sage advice.

I think it’s gonna be a “Crank up the Hag” weekend for me. I was singing I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink in the shower this morning. Got the blood pumping.

Saw The Allman Brothers Band on my 21st bday. I believe Little Feet may have opened up for them. Good memories, good times.


Oh dont forget.

And the king, no not him, this one.




Time to chill got to keep it real




@ozo , you can skip the video as you already know the story but Thank you for the songs.





This song has been on repeat for last couple of weeks for me. Lead singer sounds a lot like Chris Cornell from Sound Garden


This video still amazes me.


Man that’s a killer tune too! I must be slipping. When I hear a new band that I like I’m usually digging up every YT video.


Great video. I don’t go looking for videos much anymore but I too have been digging Highly Suspect lately. I heard My Name Is Human on a local station then added all their albums to my library and a playlist on Google Play.








We should show some love to the women folk!

And the younguns!