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What're you listening to?


You see, it’s still time to go on that tour! :+1:


LOL … Yeah I was just thinking I have no excuses . That grandpa can play but my 1st love is still Drums then Guitar and Bass :sunglasses:


You take grandpa and go
It won’t be a bummer
Just let us know
You handsome ol’ drummer




Awesome , what is the name of the group? I get a sense of dejavu watching that video!:laughing:
That also has to be the first time I got to pop a cherry on youtube!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Major Lingo. @Rob62 sent it to me in WAV format so I just made a video and posted the same pics over and over again.


I was being funny with the dejavu comment ,He sent it to me as well! Great song is it not.


It’s excellent!


Way Cool Thank You I did not know how to post the song
it is

What Befalls You Befalls Me


Major Lingo

I wish they would have a video of the … Baseline Mansion Show … When they did this song


I didn’t know how to post it either so I used an app to put it on a video format and uploaded it to YouTube.


@Rob62 please deposit your “Man Card” in the box conveniently named shredder.


Just do not like Nickelback.


This has been a great find for me. I love this band.


This band got me through a six month deployment.


I am all over the place with music I like. Let me show you.

So there is just a small minute fraction of what I like.



Queens of Stone Age are awesome…Dave Grohl drumming …priceless


Yeah, when I mix I like listening to them and any others.