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What're you listening to?


Happy Music


More happy music


Right On!:fist:



but February made me shiver…







Sadly Lars Ulrich never got that memo :laughing:


A few others as well!:blush: We can’t expect them all be like Phil Rudd …
BTW you should also check @Volition previous post # 1256 about Buddy Rich and the remastered bus tapes!


Seinfeld used lines from those Buddy Rich tapes in the show. there is a video with him discussing it! on utube


I know Seinfeld used at least three and probably more , they are priceless.We all should use them more.He was a wonderful motivator!


He’s not my kind of guy! Motherfucker


They need to dig up some tapes of Buddy Rich and Frank Sinatra going at it , that would be awesome!


Oh yesssss and Lars, he’d be a little boy though. Grumpy bastards with everything, total selfish narcissistic pricks all of em.


They can’t all have that passion and spirit like Rick Allen! Who, by the way, has inspired so many people. I wanted to share some videos of his work on the kit with just 1 arm. Sadly, it seems he had the same drum solo for a loooong time and there doesn’t seem to be much concert footage available. At least not for the time I’m willing to put into finding it :slight_smile:

That sentence = yes, I’m lazy.


Pour some sugar




Check this out