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What're you listening to?



This kid is amazing, been listening to anything I can find by him.


Anybody old enough to have a copy of the Doobie Brothers Farewell Tour Live vinyl album, look for the very chubby young man picture shoulders to waist more or less, yep guess who made the cover.


That much skill at that age? This kid will be famous!! Great video…thanks!


I’d pick a favorite but shit I haven’t seen a bad one yet. Kid is good and he’s starting to develop an on stage personality at only 10 by the time he’s 16 He’ll captivate audiences young and old.


what song did you listen to?


Tom Sawyer is the one that came up when I clicked your link. I remember learning that song - I must have been around 17 or 18. Took a while to get it right and I’m amazed at this kid and his playing level at such an age.


Check out these two

OMG is about all I can say or do


War machine was the first time I’ve ever seen him even close to breaking a sweat or getting winded. I’ve seen the drummer from Stepppin wolf (Jerry Edmonton) come off the stage at a break looking like he just did a marathon with a car on his back. Sweating and panting like you wouldn’t believe this kid just has fun and hardly ever seems like he’s having to work at it. What a natural. Oh yeah he play piano too


Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day part 2


Good music. Too bad DLR always had to act like he had so much sugar in his tank. :slight_smile:




Still have the original vinyl LP of this I bought back in early 1973


I bet you have a great vinyl collection. :sunglasses:




Next concert July 8. Tix bought. Hell yeah!!!



Very interesting take on an excellent instrumental from Metallica’s earlier days. And equally interesting is the choice of all the muting of the cymbals and drum kit in general. Interesting, although I didn’t care much for the sound except in parts.

No flies on this one though -