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What're you listening to?


It’s been a rough week, so let’s celebrate!
No video, but who needs video for audio!



I love this band. Amazing guitar, amazing voice - just love it!

Or for a more chilled listen…


Love Susan Tedeschi!





How I feel when I nail down a flavor!

… and when I’m still not able to get it.








While wrapping coils / DIY music. LOL


This is what you wind up listening too when you are your granddaughter’s favorite person to just hang out with.
Catchy, but it has also taken up permanent residency in my head.
someone please send some brain bleach!


I feel for you, man :joy:


This might help rinse some of that out.




How did your son’s birthday present turn out? :gift:


Thanks for asking! It was yesterday and it went really well. He was happy with the Mingus, Rollins and Coltrane albums as well as the bluetooth headphones and transmitter that he can attach to his turntable… He had never heard any of Sonny Rollins music before and he was really impressed. I think he played it as he was going to sleep. Thank you for the recommendation.
I’ll have to upgrade his turntable someday as even his cheap one sounds richer than the mp3 versions he downloads.


Right on time then lol. Sounds like an awesome birthday present! (Me wants too! :cry: ) You’re very welcome - always a pleasure to share good music findings and Rollins is soothing for the senses; good choice for a birthday lullaby. :slight_smile:


Check ebay there are quite a lot of options (lots from the UK) at somewhat reasonable prices.