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What're you listening to?


My cat purr.


thanks for sharing, i must get high when i listen this song while vaping.


Something relaxing with a strong heartbeat. My favorite song.


Is this what people are actually listening to right now or just post your fav YouTube videos?


Mine is an audio of the music on YouTube. Maybe some songs on YouTube don’t have just the audio? Or people like the song with the cinema?


Listening to, but alot are favs, Play one for us @Grubby, :slight_smile:


The ones I post are actually the kind of crap I listen to :laughing:
I don’t have any favorite YouTube videos




Now that’s what I call easy listening!
I loved them and was devastated when I got the news.
I was (and still am) a dedicated maggot.
Due to the scaring during my developmental years, I can only enjoy metal, death metal, black metal, some alternative metal and very little Rock. Anything on the lower end of a 4/4 beat just becomes unbearable. (my family, all of them, parents, aunts and uncles, sang bluegrass gospel. Yes, I grew up an Appalachian hillbilly.)






Very last one :laughing:

My favouritist in the world :earth_americas:


what songs do you guys usually listen when you smoke, any recommendations? i love music so much, wish to find someone who have the same preference.


This entire thread is about what members are listening to or recommend. It’s in the title. Also, none of us smoke.


I love Train. :heart_eyes:
This is my favorite Train song at the moment


First time I’ve seen the video for that! Love it!

My cousin had this one for her wedding day (skip to 50 seconds).


Another great song. And great wedding song!!