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What're you listening to?


This was on the Hi Fidelity a lot back then.
(Stereo was a decade in the future still)


Groovin’ on some Buckethead this AM. Good Stuff!


I’m a mom, sooo… This is what I’m listening to at the moment.

My 4 year old doesn’t like when I sing the reindeer part. Lol


Dammit… I’m gonna have all these effing Frozen songs stuck in my head for a week.


Love me some Buckethead. Especially when he wears his KFC hat. :laughing:



Ozzybwas my first concert!


Great concert to go to for your first. I’ve seen him a couple times.The last year he came around tickets were going for 2-300 bucks so I passed. Such a legend for a caveman. LMAO! A friend got me the huge promo poster from Hot Topic so I was happy. I love mostly his older stuff. My first concert was Kiss. Haaa!


I have a friend that used to work for a distributor and he always gave me tickets for driving, the first time i bought tickets I said you want how much for GA!?


sorry i got distracted I love the poster, i wish i could have seen that show, and kiss puts on a great show!


Nice… free tickets are ALWAYS good. I think the last free tix I got was for Judas Priest from a local DJ friend. Was a great show. Those boys can rock itttt!


I’ve never seen them ether,


They tried to get me on their tour bus before the show. I told em no cuz… I’m a good girl. :smiling_imp: They sent someone out after to invite me to a “party” and had to tell them no twice. I sometimes wonder… ha! But it was nice being asked. xD


that’s really cool! i bet the second time no was hard to say! his voice hasn’t changed much if at all!


It was hard, I won’t lie. But I was with a group of people and I couldn’t just leave them to go…play. Ha!


I know how that goes, cant bail on your friends!


I’m sure they aren’t used to being told no either. :laughing:


I’m guessing not! I bet the guy they sent to find you looked dumbfounded!


Kind of but I told him I was with a group of friends and so he understood. But he stood there awhile before he walked away. And he wasn’t inviting any of them. xD


I bet he was contemplating what would be worse going back with a bunch of people or going back empty handed.