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What're you listening to?


I’m sure he found other willing participants. Maybe a few men for Halford. :wink:


well with the pic i saw i would have to agree.:wink:


Oh I have a song for that…


Did they write this song about you?


Nah just made me think of it when you said I looked dangerous. Girls and guns. :wink:


Well you looked like trouble, gun or no gun.:wink:


I got a song for every situation… :laughing:


this was on my first cars cassette.


Love that vinyl. I gots it :heart_eyes:


We have lots of vinyl and no record player!:joy:


Oh you need a turntable. I have an old Technics linear tracking that works great and I found an old all in one in Goodwill for 7 bucks. I bought it for my lamps but I realized it had a stereo and speakers in it. I googled it when I got home and found some going online for $700. It needs a needle and the 8 track and radio work. Also here’s my Vinyl wall. I collect classic rock. I love retro can you tell?


Wow that’s a great deal! That’s a nice wall, that’s one heck of a lamp collection! We do need a record player, I had almost bought a new one but we didn’t know where we would put it entertainment shelves where full, so we talked ourselves out of it.


Thanks !! Fun hobby.


This is a true fireplace & wine melody. Whenever I hear this song it takes me to memories of love & family, especially around Christmas. :heart:


YAS! Dream a little dreeeam ooofff meeee…:sparkles::sparkling_heart:



I’d be interested to see what “must have” vinyl you all recommend. Any genre. Maybe a different forum thread?


Unleash the Archers - Apex