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What're you listening to?


RIP Glen Campbell. My Grammy loved him.



Oh hell yeah!



Nice. For some reason, the end of the song reminded me of this:



For posting that song… :rofl:



Rock on, Chicago!




Meth is a helluva drug…


LOL yeah he looks out there :laughing: the guitar and drums sounds good though


Did you happen to catch the sweep right towards the end of the guitar solo? Crazy to see that from '74, when now it seems every damn fool with a guitar on YT has to have it in E.V.E.R.Y. thing!


In honor of the Birth of Hip-Hop. I was 16 and angry, listening to Bad Religion, DK and Slayer. My friend popped a dub of 3rd Bass into the cassette deck of my VW Rabbit and said, “Peep this, G!” I’ve been a fan of hip hop and rap since. I just wish that more groups like AR and J5 would get some shine these days.


These guys Started it all







I LOVE ME SOME P-FUNK!!! Comin’ to ya from the mothaship!


Lyrics to this one sounds like it could be about FDA and big Pharma. :metal:


Geez, now that tune will be with me the rest of the day