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What's what with all this my truth, your truth, half truth, THE truth


Ok, ok, … ok.

Maybe somebody can tell me when in the hell this whole thing started. Somehow I missed it, and now it’s becoming rampant. Anyone else remember waaay back when we talked about simply The Truth ?? Well somehow this has really been co-opted into something else ??

Your truth ? My truth ?? What ?? Are we exchanging words here, switching opinion with truth, feelings with truth, thoughts with truth ?

Apparently I’m not the only one stricken with confusion over this whole new Truthing situation, anyone else ?


“Birds scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth, but sadly we don’t speak bird.” ― Kurt Cobain


If you want THE Truth just ask me. :wink:


that’s been going on since man could speak


Seems like just an evolution of you do you and I’ll do me.


@Letitia :+1:


Never saw that one.


This is why I love dogs.


There’s a ton of bizarre shit going on today. Find your safe place, pet your pony, and ignore it.


Well… Half Truths have been around since the dawn of man :wink:
As for “my truth” then I guess it is just a new example of newspeak.


Image result for you cant handle the truth meme


I guess we’re lied to on such a massive scale that we don’t know what the truth is anymore.
There is subjective and objective truth. Subjective truth is apparently decided by a majority and can change with the time and also allows for other truths, cause who are we to decide what the truth actually is.
Whereas objective truth is always the same i.e. at the end of your life death is waiting for you. :coffin:



The is the The Truth that matters.

One of the best individual episodes made.


You nailed it, this is the diagnosis right here.


I highly recommend this truth


So my version of THE TRUTH is primitive
The stove is hot when it is on. The earth revolves around the sun. There are infinite galaxies. Babies are made when people have sex. Ect.
I feel the MY TRUTH is a compilation of my upbringing, my environment, my morals, my opinions, my behaviors and my actions.
The articles the OP posted were a long, but interesting read.
the first, regarding oprah, I do not view as THE TRUTH. This is based on what I read and my opinion. It is also based on her lack of serious research when she presents an idea
The second, about technology, I view as a mixture of THE TRUTH and THEIR TRUTH. This is because there is facts and research that can back the article up, but the videos and quotes are of a personal nature.
The third, is a very informative blog with oodles of facts. There is no opinions that were pushed upon me as a reader. Black and White. Over all, it is primarily THE TRUTH.
Oofda. Thanks for this! Made me think, love it!


@Laura5 Thank you, and thank you again, for taking the time to read those articles. I didn’t pick and choose, just posted the first 3 links.


There are only three things that tell the absolute truth…
Very small children
Very old adults
Yoga pants


Different perception different truth.

Troika, Squaring the circle, Kohn Gallery

Theory of truth


I think it has a lot to do with when and how you were raised. To me ONE truth. If it is not the truth then it must be a lie. if it is a “half truth” or anything else, then it is not the TRUTH and therefore not the truth. There are no versions of the truth just the truth