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Whats your favorite ADV?


Looks Nice!


Thank you. It has evolved a lot in a few years. At first it was just 12% VC V1 but the wife couldnt stand the smell so the modifications began. A year later and this was it, while i do vape others this is 80% of my daily vape intake.


Well if you don’t, I can always send ya a bottle! Too bad I wasn’t still up there, I could walk it over :wink:
I wasn’t a fan of Euroflavor’s nougat either. I found that pairing it with inw’s yields some good results!

I have a few MF flavors being sent to me and their Vanilla was top of my list. I’m a shisha vanilla guy but I can’t wait to try MF’s and the rest. I have Wild rasp, Pear, Watermelon and of course…white Peach. Can’t complain with free :smiley:


Many thanks, i appreciate it but i definitely plan to order what i dont have. You know what they say about budgets, usem or losem! hehe

I do love MF extracts, i havent bought a bad one yet. Some people have difficulty with Morello Cherry, it can be difficult to balance and pair it until you realize it isnt a top note, at least very rarely.

Hope you enjoy the extracts. :slight_smile:


Thanks brother! That Italian Cream is good stuff! 2% is $

Cherry isn’t a flavor I like in a vape for some reason, which is good because there really is shit for options out there, kinda like blackberry. Speaking of blackberry, do you have MF’s?


Cherry is a tough one to get right artificially, finding the right %'s of MF Cherries isnt an easy task either as they are some of those flavors that quickly overpower.

I dont have Blackberry (MF), it is on the list as i NEED to have a nice blackberry custard. I am pretty sure that @SthrnMixer grabbed it tho.

EDIT: Well it looks like i lied, im a lying liar whose pants are on fire. I was looking through my stash and sure enough i have it, ive even mixed with it before. I dont think that i ever got around to vaping the mix i made, it was a blackberry cream with Bavarian Cream (LA), VC V1 (CAP), Sweet Cream (TFA) and Vienna Cream (FA).

Ill see if i can find it an give it a go. Sorry about that @DarthVapor, you know how it goes when you have too many flavors.


testing so many mixes these days I don’t actually have an ADV! I usually settle for a strawberry cheese cake or my Long gone day, which is a peach/Mango greek yogurt. I’ll never tire of that one.


I liked a peach, strawberry menthol for a long time - years in fact and then one day, I couldn’t vape it anymore lol.


I hated peach juices for a long time, my partner always loved them. I just couldn’t take to them. When I asked her what she’d like me to try mix up, of course … anything with peach :smiley: I thought I’ll at least try and make one that I might like, turns out I love it, so I can only assume that the peach used in the ‘premiums’ she used to vape, were completely different to the ones I use.

Beard #05 and claim your throne were my main ADVs before I started mixing


Yellow peach I can vape… its the Strawberry mix. I think I vaped too much strawberry, I can hardly taste it right now.


strawberry peach, (TNT Time Bomb Ice) is all my wife vapes, shes happy that we make our own juice because she can make all she wants… literally, shes been vaping it for like 4 months now hahahah… I’m gonna introduce a new recipe Lunar Harvest Ice by benthic,… gonna introduce that to her, got the ingredients in today and she seemed pleased at the harvest berry. (not sure how you guys are doing those cool tags of hyperlinks but)… :grinning:


Grab the url of your recipe - Highlight the name of your recipe when editing your post, click the hyperlink icon [the little chain, 4th icon in] and insert your linked recipe there :slight_smile:

Lunar harvest

Like that ^^


Thanks uncaged!


I really like the harvest berry in low percentages with mint, that’s a nice flavor. It’s crisp and clean.


I must try that yellow peach, I’ve tried Cap’s peaches and cream, and TFA juicy peach, both are pretty good. A little strong at times, I’m guessing yellow is a bit lighter?


… and sweeter. It’s really nice and mellow.


My own Minty Menthol and Mental Lipkiss are what I vape M-F at work or if I’m going somewhere where I know I’ll only have time for short vape breaks. They are pretty potent menthol based flavors that kick enough to satisfy quickly.

Minty Menthol: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/494684/saved
Mental Lipkiss: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/528544/Mental+Lipkiss

In the evening and on weekends I have a rotation of The Real Barney Rubble V2, Mother’s Unicorn Milk, Blue Dragon’s Blood, and a Cuttwood Melon clone that I really like. I have a bunch of other small batch stuff that I vape occasionally and several mixes I’m trying to perfect, but these are my staples and I love them all :slight_smile:


You must be reading my mind. I’m trying to concoct a perfect menthol today lol.


Let me know what you come up with! The two recipes I posted are the product of about a month of work and maybe two dozen test batches. I like them a lot and so do my mentholhead vape buddies, but I’m still experimenting. I have not yet found THE MENTHOL FLAVOR. I’ve been working on an anise/horehound recipe that I can’t seem to get right and also been thinking about picking up some TPA Absinthe and playing with that a bit.


Over time my idea of an ADV has changed quite a bit. There was a time I could vape some recipes non stop and now I can’t tolerate them for long at all. Then others I used to hit once in a while and can now vape all day. But being that I work from a home office and can vape whenever I like, the fact is I switch flavors a great deal. But when I do find one I love enough to keep refilling my tank, it’s usually something with fruit/cream. Ken’s Strawnana Custard is always a favorite. And Daath’s Banudding Cake I can always vape all day.

As for my own creations, well I have a few I make and vape a lot. Most recently -

Queen’s Dowry
Queen’s Cookie Jar
Punchbowl Cake (not public yet but I’ve had to remake this since my first batch didn’t steep!)
TBCC (just made it public) is probably my most addictive lately. I can’t keep a 30 ml bottle more than a few hours. But I won’t say this is everyone’s vape…but for me it kicks major ass.