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Whats your favorite ADV?


Not to be a party poopette, (please don’t take the wrong way) but the LA Banana Cream has a warning it may not be well suited to vaping? I’ve been on the look out for a great banana… so it mixes well?


I use it with good results. However, I actually prefer when mixing @daath recipe to use INW Banana instead of the LOR Banana Cream. I use 2% as opposed to the 4% of LOR BC that is called for. It suits my taste much better and is very, very hard to put down :slight_smile:


Well alrighty then, I’ll try it your way :smile:


The yellow banana cream has that warning because of the coloring, I believe, but you can get colorless banana cream.


It’s all out of stock at ECX …lol


Every day is mixing day!
Haven’t given much time to settle on just 1 mix due to constantly testing!!! Lol
I have a couple of new mixes that have impressed me and one in particular is very tasty but I feel it has at least another week or so to steep but it is great just now but I strongly suspect it will be even better!
It is a banana custard which surprised me as I have struggled a bit with banana?
I will post recipe when ready and you can judge for yourselves.


LoL Of course it is :stuck_out_tongue: They have it at wizard labs, One Stop DIY, and Cathouse also but I’m sure it’s not worth it for just one flavor.


Exactly! Ya…I just put everything in a cart and leave a list by the computer… but Wizard usually does have what they don’t - it’s totally true :-0 I only have 4 flavors I want right now, I usually wait till I have 6 but then of course I will order and remember 5 minutes later I forgot something.

Everyone's fave all day vapes

Right now these are the one’s I keep on hand. Most are subtle flavors. I don’t need to be kicked in the teeth with flavor.

Honey Peary Clone by Robin
Kactus Kiwi by Webchicken
Dragons Kiss by Mat
Muffin Man Clone by icrzykev
Bust-a-Nut by Alisa

Everyone's fave all day vapes

Ah, maybe that will be it for me as well. I really like that Banana recipe but the Lorann Banana bothers me so I was hoping to find a different banana that would work better for me. Will try that. Thanks.


I get pretty good results with FLV banana and Hangsen banana


Isnt that from China?


yup…Hangsen is the worlds largest manufacturer of e-liquid. there manufacturing plant is in China, but they have corporate office in Poland. i’m not exactly sure if they produce flavors or liquid in Poland, though.
their flavors are sold in some of the largest online retailers, like ECX and BCV. are you in Europe? i’m sure they are readily available across the world. and Hangsen flavors are pretty strong, also. and they have awesome bottles, lol! No, i do NOT work for Hangsen…lol


Hangsen is like the only China flavoring I regularly hear good things about, tho it’s usually in reference to their tobacco flavors.


Have to admit that I have been wary of using Chinese ingredients.
A lot of that was down to news reports a few years back regarding China’s work practices around ecig liquids?


I have to change up often pretty much always have been this way but there’s plenty recipes I adore !

Darthvapor’s The Taro card http://tjek.nu/r/274X

Robin’s Honey Peary Clone http://tjek.nu/r/Bbm

Daath’s Cat blood http://tjek.nu/r/NM7

Beaufort Batches SB Latte http://tjek.nu/r/4zJT

Oldmeat123 's Benny’s Breakfast http://tjek.nu/r/1w8F

My Cronut http://tjek.nu/r/2fW3

My Strawbana nutterbutter http://tjek.nu/r/2qyh

Alisa’s Stormchaser http://tjek.nu/r/Zey


Hey Ozo, is there a recipe to that cherry coke?


It’s Popped Cherry CAKE…if that matters…not Coke.
I have a recipe somewhere, haven’t made it in a while…bet I have a
well aged bottle of it. I should go back and try it.


Looking for a good all day vape, made the rhodonite raspberry macaroon but after two weeks it was just so bland and sweet didn’t really taste any nuttiness or macaroon at all… Help anyone??


I always have BaN going and quite often Moonbutter.