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What's your favorite wire for building coils?


Also rumored that 317L may be Haywire and the 316L may be G Plat. Not sure about it all. I read it on ECF.I just love this wire and I’m glad I don’t have to sell a kidney to get it.


When I get a little more experienced I must try this wire you rave about!


I notice you bought it by the foot. I wonder what 65’ weigh because I purchase mine buy the lb. and I don’t know what the length will be. They got it for $10 a pound right now. Did your 65’ feel like a lb.?


From DHL:
0.0893 lbs


Have you ordered much from dhl? 've read so many horror stories about ordering from some of the vendors there


I’m gonna have a ton of wire @ 2lbs. I got a 100 ft. of Kanthal 24g and its less than 3 oz. on the spool.


Sorry I thought you meant dhgate


Yeah, 2 pounds is going to be a LOT of wire, hehe. Ill probably do the same as i love to share, i gave away half of it yesterday at the vape shop.


No problem. I hate DHL, one of the worst shipping companies on the planet. It was supposed to ship USPS and did, then was handed off the DHL and back to USPS again. Took two weeks to get here from Cali. I have had orders from China ship to my home quicker.


Ya I was looking at dhgate earlier in the week and if someone wanted to wholesale …that’d be the way to go …assuming the vendor didn’t just take your cash and never ship the goods or respond to your emails as some reviews have stated lol


Did you check if the screws/pins where tight on your posts? Sometimes my screws back off on me and I just take a screw driver and make sure they are snug. Not so tight as to cut the wire though.


It may have well been but I just made a new coil and tried again


I was doing some math trying to figure the length of 2 lbs. of the 24 gauge 316L would be. But I don’t no the tare wt. of the spool and packing u had. But from the weight u posted it would come out to 1452.595117045596 feet. But as light weight as 1 foot of wire is, I think a lot of the weight u posted was spool and packaging. G Plat sells for $8 for 6 feet. If I bought it retail it would cost me $1936. I got a good deal for $21 + Shipping.


I can’t believe no one has mentioned NiChrom wire. I haven’t used it myself but some people love it.


I use nichrome 80. Fires fast and sure. No taste. Softer than kanthal and a bit easier to work with imho.


I typically stick to 26/28 ga… Works for me.


I’ve heard good things and I’ve also heard it is super inexpensive too. I am still in the processes of getting some.


Not to be a Debby Downer, but has the health concern of gplat/welding wire containing manganese been put to bed?


I have some Nicrome 80 but haven’t used it yet. I’m gonna have to give it a try.


I think you won’t go back to kanthal if you do. Easy does it on the dry burning of coils. The nichrome is a bit softer so coils will tend to pop if heated to an extreme. You’ll get the hang of it.