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What's your favorite wire for building coils?


OK, Thanks.


I read on ECF that It’s only a problem at the melting point. Vaping doesn’t get hot enough to give of fumes.


Real cheap on Amazon. They have several gauges and brands. I got TemCo.100 ft 24G for $10.


Ive read the same. Consider welders for a moment. Do you know how much of this stuff they inhale? Its a lot thats for sure. I welded daily for years and still do from time to time which is why i had no problem using it when i found out what type of metal it was.


I have some ribbon wire in my stash but haven’t use it yet. Any suggestions on a build.?


I keep forgetting to get some and try it. If you do some builds please let us know, seems like it would be a little more difficult to build with.


Look up RipTrippers on youtube or twisted messes, they have both built with ribbon wire but I’m not sure what the coil was called.


Thanx, I’ll check it out.


No problem, Twisted messes has built with just about every type of wire I think. He does some crazy builds :slight_smile: Fun to just watch him sometimes.


I concur, he is hands down the most creative coil builder on youtube


I finally got some use out of my ribbon wire. I took jzerba2013 advice and checked out a twisted messes video and built a Tiger coil. It came out pretty good for the my 1st try. Here’s a couple pics.
Dual Coil 9 wraps 24G Nicrhrome & .4ml Ribbon Wire on a 3mm Screwdriver. Came out at .3 ohms.


Very nice! I’ve seen the build for that one and it looked interesting. Let us know how it turns out!


Man, that looks slick! :smile:


Definitely my best build to date. Hits like a beast… even at low wattage.


Nice, much thanks for sharing!


I tried another new build called the Infiniti Coil.


I got the wire in today. I figured the length of 2 lbs. 24 Gauge ER316L Welding Wire.
It weigh .74 grams per foot.
2 lbs. = 907.185 grams / .74 grams = 1225.926 ft.
That’s a lot of coils.


Daaaaamn! :laughing:


ROFL! Well you wont be running out anytime soon! I just got a couple more small rolls from amazon because i keep giving it away. Think ive sent out 10 or so envelopes and 50 feet at my local B&M.


Whew!!! Yes Sir that’s alot of coils,LOL. Thanks for doing the math for me, I was wondering myself.