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What's your next purchase?


that was quite a while and several mods ago :wink:


i know … hehe … but it’s about the principle dammit. :sunglasses:


couldn’t pass up on the free shipping


and a Griffin… hey it can be X’mas for me too ??? right?


I’ve been on a spending hiatus lately, but this deal is too good to pass up…
I paid over $40 for my 1st one! These are half that price…

Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave $19.99 (Velocity Style Deck) Original


That is a bargain!


Thanks for the link! I have been wanting one of these but they were a little pricey. Last night I ordered one for myself and another for my wife :slightly_smiling:


next week ill be driving for a vapecig vtbox200 (dna200 chip), a noisy cricket (hybrid mechmod) and maybe ill order a “fucking” sailor from Sweden wiat a dna200 if there is a list for one :slight_smile:


Thank you PV! Perfect time for me to pick up five more of these in case of the vape apocalypse!


Hopefully, two of those are sitting in the post box when I get home. :grinning:

There’s something glorious about the simplicity of a mech mod! :sunglasses:…load the batteries and push the button…happy!




have to correct you… HYBRID mechmod :smiley: … i’ve already broken 2… it seams like it cant take a smash to the curve :wink: both som hot wire (nuke) parallel dual coils at 0,25ohm … the vape is beautiful…


I got low on PG… another good deal.


I gotta cool it on the spending for a bit. Not a lot of extra cash on a Social Services budget. Right now, I have plenty of flavoring, new mods, cotton and wire so I’m good. Waiting on my Yep RDA (love the clone, but the posts are a soft stainless and strip easily) and that’s it. Now, come around tax refund time, this will be a different story!


Christmas (as usual) has put a big dent in my finances but I have recently purchased a RX200 (Black), Smart40S and Hollowpoint mods.


I drank @Pro_Vapes koolaid now waiting impatiently for titanium…lol


I think one or two of you may like this ;0)

1-150W / 200-600’F (100-315’C) / 2*18650

Authentic Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC VW APV Box Mod $44.08

Like the minis so much, got this on preorder,
read somewhere the update will already take this to 200W


Oops! Pre-ordered that as well :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ve been so good to us,
would seem rude not to! :smirk:


I’m getting low on 22g Ti… I also ordered some 32g. I’m about to start making all Ti Claptons. They will run in TC on the DNA 200. I think I can get 28/32g in some of these tanks.