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What's your next purchase?


Joyetech’s website confirms this. However, it may be you can set it to output 200w, but I read somewhere that the reason the Reuleaux had 3 - 18650’s was that was needed to reach 200w and that 2 batteries can’t do it. I think in that same article or post it mentioned the max wattage 2 - 18650’s could produce was around 170. Not 100% sure of this but I know I read it somewhere. And if that’s true there will be some pissed off people who buy it based on their claims.

If 2 - 18650’s will produce 200 watts I’m sure someone will chime in.


I believe two 18650’s can only produce 133w total, so there must be something that boosts that in the chip to make that claim


I want another Vtc Mini and the new Cuboid for longer battery life. Cigabuy has the Cuboid in stock for 34.99 black, gray and silver. But it will have to wait for now.

Sorry says preorder.


Going for the cuboid. But again it will have to wait


I want one of the red mini’s real bad.


Yes, I remember reading something like that.
not too bothered by it as I’m mostly enjoying the convenience of Crowns paired with minis.
around 80/90W seems about the most i want a.t.m (TFV4s).
(maybe a subconscious reason for reaching for the crowns over TFV4s is the reduced kitchen towel consumption :wink: )


I’m seeing there are some dissatisfied customers having leaking with the TFV4. Is this a stock coil set up you use? I use the TF-R2 rebuild deck and when I fist got it I had leaking too until I nailed the build/wicking. Now it never leaks, at all. I hope whatever is causing the problem you’re having can be fixed.

With regard to stock coils. I have very little experience with them. But I have wondered if maybe the chimney isn’t getting screwed down into the coil far enough and this is causing the problem. I have 2 ideas for possible fixes.

  1. Get an o-ring that is small enough it has to be stretched over the chimney. Put that on the chimney with just enough of the threads showing where you can get it started screwed back together. Then reassemble the tank. In theory this would cause the coil to push against the o-ring while screwing it down, but also keep it against the coil via tension.
  2. Screw the atomizer onto the chimney first then the coil into the base when reassembling.

Not sure either would even help, but it’s a thought.


133W on a DNA
There are several 200w 2x18650 mods. Whether it’s an actual 200W… I don’t know



Ah, that’s where I got the 70 from…nearly 70 watts shy. Thanks bud. Haven’t seen you around much. Hope all is well with you and yours, and Happy New Year my friend!


No It’s not the coils i get on with the rebuildable (even though its a bit on the small side for me)
and even some of the stock coils are very good.

I got TFV4s before the Crowns, was all I was using for a while,

got a few crowns, just fill 'em up easily from 50 ml glass steeping dripper bottles,
whereas with the TFV4s I had to first transfer from glass bottles to squeezy needle tip bottles to get the juice in that tiny (in comparison) slit in the silicone top.

I know it sounds lazy, but the ease (for me) of filling those crowns has spoiled me.

I know myself enough to know that I’ll go back to my neglected TFV4s…
When I get myself some new glasses ;0)


Thanks… I’ve been very busy. I knew you would hold things down.


They must of sold thousands of those mini’s. :dollar::pound::euro::moneybag:


Cheers for the tips! I know I’ll get back into them, never had so many flavours revealed in an apple pie!


I knew I’d read it some where about 133w. That dna 200 looks sweet. Any idear on release date? Its very technical and I’m not, so i would get frustrated easy. Or,chances are i would of had one by now, but it’s only hard until you know what your doing, then its easy.
I’m going to watch some videos and go through the tutorial and mabey by the time they come out I’ll be a bit wiser :yum:


I’m assuming they’re naming them the VT133 because of the wattage limit of 2-18650s then? I would own one even though it can’t produce the 200 watts simply because I can get all the vape enjoyment I really need at 100w or less… Mostly less. Plus I don’t know what it is exactly but that’s a gorgeous mod. Love that fire button.


Yeah, you’re right… that’s the limit for 2 x 18650 on the DNA 200. The majority of failures with the DNA 200 has been bad LiPos. I’m taking a wait and see approach. But if there are no issues I’ll probably get one. The chip itself is the best out there… IMO.


I don’t see it that way DNA 200 has been pop in fuses . regardless of make or battery two trends I found one shows use of nickel .don’t makes no sense to me . and the other lose grounds inside the mod that shows up on the hcigar just need to tighte some ground screw couple turns


Ordered a noisy cricket. Now just waiting on shipping.


You’re going to love it! It takes a little while to get used to the punch :facepunch: that this mod delivers, but man-o-man…once you do, it’s hard to put it down! Instant clouds. Ramp up time is a thing of the past! :sunglasses:


I almost pre-ordered one instead of getting the RX200. I’ll wait now and see how they do. It looks like a super mod though.