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What's your next purchase?


I did the same thing. Once I realized most of the mixes I made weren’t to my liking, I had to switch things up. For me it’s easier to find the sweet spot with more centered and more concentrated flavors. With these I can follow actual food recipes with pretty good success.


ya plus alot of these flaves are pointless like blueberry cinnamon crumble or strawberry shortcake lol although i might have come up with a way to use up the bb crumble and satisfy a couple friends needs , as time has went on and i use better quality stuff my desires have changed ill be hoping to check in with you when im ready for the change


Flavors like these looks very good in theory, but they often don’t equate to what’s actually in the bottle. There are some synthetic flavors that’s very close to the actual description on the bottle… but not many IMO. Extracts are really (most times) what’s on the label. I little research goes a long way.


oh boy do i know that now but we live and learn and keep on learning right lol


Yep, I was stubborn for a very long time.


I personally want a stabilized wood Slab with all the parts and pieces to install a DNA 200w or 250w that is my next big purchase right now I am waiting for the Hugo 133 I picked it up at 3fvape for ($49.99) with there free shipping overall I don’t normally wait very long for there shipping it normally takes about 10 days or so


Hi folks. I can’t wait to get my first ever DNA mod. Ordered a SMY SDNA 75 along with another Serpent Mini from gearbest last week. So anything I should know about those dna boards?


I am really liking the RF Raw Extracts as well, very tasty and real potent. There Strawberry is one of my favorites, right there with INW Shisha Strawberry but more potent, 1.5% of RF SB really stands out in a mix like no other.

So far the only RF raw extract that I have been having trouble with is the Butterscotch pudding, not sure if I just can’t find the right percentage or if it is just not for me. Have you tried that and if so any tips?


No I haven’t tried it. Sorry I can’t help.


Oh this looks really nice! I like the new battery door!


This one http://www.vaporcube.com/h-wrecker-g2-hohm-wrecker-171w-temperature-control-box-mod-limited-edition.html for $44.97 is a really good deal for sure. Just write “G2FLASH” as coupon code and you get it dirt cheap. Must pay for shipping, at least i think so.


Paid $53.00 including tax and shipping to CA. I now have three of these and loving every one of them. I love that the board is easily swapped out should I ever need to replace it.


If i decide to go for it i have to pay $67.47 including shipping to get it to Germany, might have to pay customs duty before it’s all done. But still a really good buy.


Not sure what the duty fees might be, but otherwise I would jump on it. I’ve never seen them this low and if you search the net, you won’t find it cheaper.


Yeah it is a steal for sure. Just all the different settings for TC make it worthwhile to be honest.
I think i have to pay duty fees on everything over 20€ if i remember right. That is if it get caught in customs when it arrives.


Just ordered the S/S baby be to go with my black one and 5 T8 coils from Gearbest


My Black Friday orders…

This was sold out on ECX, but I got a small discount from Good Earth

I ordered this yesterday from Walmart before @BoyHowdy posted the RF BF Sale.

This is the only other I needed from MF… This is from ECX.

My Nic River BF order.

I got these from RF after the @BoyHowdy post.


I couldn’t help it. I don’t have any more money so I barrowed 20 bucks so I could get 40 dollars worth if real flavors… i just had too


Took advantage of Black Friday at Gearbest or should I say bloody got sucked into Black Friday bargains and purchased a
WISMEC Reuleaux RX2 / 3 150W / 200W TC Box Mod / Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 Li - ion Digital NiCd NiMH Battery Charger / another SMOK TFV8 BABY BEAST Tank / 8 Samsung 25R 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and two battery cases for my spares all for grand total of $113.68 so about £92
Not bad price but no will power to resist buying


@iliketohideincloset , sorry I missed your post earlier.I use a pair of the SDNA 75 mods daily.They are my away from home favorites.
Between the SMY SDNA 75’s and a custom PWM mod made by @Whiterose0818 I use at home , life is good.:grin: