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What's your next purchase?


iyeah I would call that a defect


I agree. I’ve read they back their products up to one year. Maybe they’re blaming this on the manufacturer. Sorry they won’t repair it. I’ll give it a week and put in another request with a different email and say the mod stopped working and you don’t have a clue what’s wrong.


I surely need no more vape stuff, especially since the last criticisms on my purchases…
and I really have no need for any vape related liquids, not even nicotine…
I believe I will now turn focus on the best price for a new Mercedes SUV…fully loaded.


Some people are simply rude but please remember we don’t know why they are the way they are . Rough childhood perhaps …bullied , abusive parents , sexually molested , or who knows.:smirk:
It matters not , just ignore them and keep posting pics of all the things they don’t have! This is simply a way to keep reminding them that it must really suck to be them! :laughing:


with a Proveri holder


Just like the one I’m getting.


ordered an obs engine. was supposed to be here today but got hung up in shipping. maybe tomorrow or monday??? hope soon!!!


If the point of sale doesn’t provide warranty service you would want to go to Hcigar. Evolv only makes the board, not the mod. If the seller won’t help I would reach out to Hcigar directly. service@hcigar.com


Can you believe I just now saw your post to me? Thanks for keeping it direct BoDac and Pro_Vapes. Yes, you guys are here for me, and I appreciate it so much more than I can express.
In looking for an answer to my broken VT200, yes first I went to the sellor, then emailed someone as told. That led no-where. I’ll get out the box and the receipt (again) and try the link to Evolv that you gave me if my other plan doesn’t work. My other plan is… I found a new vape store and I’m going to contact that guy and see if he would be willing to handle it all for me (at a price, of course. I now have 3 mods that are dead! And my older Sigelei with 2 doors is acting weird. I’m down to 14 mods! Pretty bad - ha? LOL. A Sigelei that was only about 4 months old died and the ITaste with the button all along the side died. As for which brands don’t seem to die… All my (3) IPV mini mods and (3) Evic mods cotntinue to be in good working order. I can’t believe even a new Sigelei was a dud and lasted only a few months. I guess that’s why I’m so sad. I’ve even lost faith in good old Sigelei. I wish the companies would make them well, not just cheap.
NEW INVENTION: Mod insurance. I would pay an extra 15% to get a 6 month warranty. I’m trying to figure out who offers a 1 year warranty. Anyone? I need someone to handle all this for me. Perhaps my local store dude will do it. I don’t even want to open up my Evolve software. Since I cried over it the first time I tried and then spent 3 hours trying to figure it all out …for what? It isn’t doing anything for me. Well, basically, It is just not my interest. I just want to have a good ramp up and a good vape. Someone else can figure out all those settings. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. Yes… old lady ranting again. Why are they making these mods so that they break after 4 months. I don’t drop them or anything. But, keeping ejuice out is not an easy feat. I do my best though. I open up the ones that stop working, and usually there is no ejuice inside. I’ve been giving them away to a guy my husband works with. Sometimes he gets them working, and of course I let him keep them. What do other people do with mods that stop working?
As for getting rid of used equipment that I tried and don’t want… Invention is… someone who wants to split the profit and sell it all for me, or someone to buy the lot of it at about 1/5 or 1/10 what I paid. I’m not wanting to get money for it, but I don’t want to just give it away to someone who wants something for nothing or a bunch of people who will be bugging me on how to use it. Personally I’ve had no success giving stuff to smokers in the hope that they will switch to vaping. How about you guys? Have you mentored anyone successfully?

This week I’m too busy trying to figure out how someone can getp


Here’s the two orders i’m waiting on now. One with two rolls of ss 28/32 clapton and a ss 22mm petri rta. The other is the proto rta i got on ebay for $7.50! Def excited to play around with my 1st postless decks!


Great idea except it sounds like a money hole …likely the reason warranties are short. I like my Cuboid TC 150 (firmware upgraded to 200W). It’s pretty simple to operate and can be had for a little over $30. …I have a brand new one sealed in it’s box for 2017 …also pretty sure I’ll be needing it. I was thinking of starting a thread “Six Months After” where we can post longevity issues like yours and pics of how the finish is wearing (or the thing dying!). Maybe Mr. Handy (hubby’s friend) would take a look at your DNA200 for free for all the things you have given him? Maybe the best advice is to not spend alot of money on any mod …they seem kinda delicate :smirk:


It is called planned obsolescence…it is when a company makes something that is actually planned not to last that long so that the consumer will have to replace it causing them to give the company more money…it is a real thing…I just learned about it in a recent class I had…


True dat. It’s the way they build cars, dish washers, washing machines or whatever. They build them with a really short life span so they can sell more of the same product just to make more money.
Any company can build stuff that last for a really long time but there is no money in that.


I got 2 from gearbest for $25, delivered to Ireland in 8 days. Their boat isn’t so slow lol


Just a small order for some holiday mixes. Hopefully these mixes will be ready by Thanksgiving.

RF Raw Extracts Line


those are nice flaves id love to do a pumpkin xheesecake i cant wait to see how they work for you


Most of the RF Extracts I’ve tried has been very good so far. I hope these will be also.


ya im waiting to dump some money black friday weekend on FA RF FLV and hopefully MF depending on pricing ive got a bunch of tpa and cap ti burn through i use for other people but lately ive fallen in love with FA fruits and creams but tpa cap fw will always have a place in my stash just not as big of one


I agree… some are irreplaceable. Although these RF are more expensive, the usage is very low making them probably more cost effective. I’m still figuring these out though, but they are very concentrated… 1% - 2.5% SF so far. That’s right up my alley!


i like the way you mix its smart , i still have tons of flaves to practice with from the other companies but someday i want to follow your lead with the higher concentrated products my FA stash is getting there but like i said i have to get rid of this other stuff first i hate being wasteful , i actually just looked at me sweeteners like SS and other sucralose i have tons and havent used it forever i actually should see if someone here wants it along with some other flaves i wont use

dont get me wrong FW Cap and Tpa are good enough to make good juice but when i compare red touch straw from FA to FW strawberry its way better i also keep MF straw in stock but my mistake is a year ago i went down the cap and tpa websites and ordered anything that looked good , i still am opening some cap bottles like glazes doughnut lol which actually wasnt to bad