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What's your next purchase?


I went for spelt not spelled in my original reply, Because I couldn’t be arsed to spell the long version :grinning:


LostVape Therion + Govad RDA…coolest mod and by far the BEST rda I’ve owned. Too easy to build on!


Love my Therion, absolutely solid device. Got the goon on mine, but waiting on the Icon and peerless rda’s to arrive. :ok_hand:


You’ll love the Peerless. I haven’t found anything to complain about other than it doesn’t come in copper.


I had therion go bad. Only 1 battery works now. The one on the right won’t read at all. What I did for a while was put both batteries in there and switch it out when the one got low. Now it’s in a box :worried:


Thanks brother. Just waiting on it arriving :ok_hand:


Just sounds like a bad connection. Nothing to lose taking it apart to check if you no longer use it.
You might just get her up and running again.
I love my Therion, awesome device.


These just came in yesterday:

FlavourArt Pomegranate

FlavourArt White Peach

Flavor West Butterscotch Ripple

Flavor Apprentice RY4 Double


I like that Govad RDA!!! Thanks for posting. Been looking for a dedicated single coil/large build space RDA for awhile now besides the Pharaoh. I like the Pharaoh as well, but I think I will grab a Govad as it is more of a dripper.


Are the clamps n the Govad spring loaded like the Pharaoh?


Love the Metallica screen! You got a secondary screen after that? Like, favorite Metallica song? Fitting one would be Ride The Lightning :slight_smile:

I’ve got unique power up and secondary screens on all my DNA’s - example…

Fun stuff :wink:


just like the Pharaoh.


I’ve held out as long as I could… The frosting was a no-brainer, but I put a lot of thought into buying the Lemonade, but for me none that I’ve tried was as good as the FLV. Sometimes you just have to “bite the bullet”.


Hmmmm. Lemon aid. Hmmm. I may need to add this to the list. I’ve been really digging root beer flv. Ready to pull the trigger on a bigger order of that.


I’m trying some new flavors I’ve been eyeing for a bit…

1st order is from DIY Vapor Supply. My 1st time using this vendor…

This next order is from BCF, My 1st order of the VTA brand…


please let me know how that honeycomb is , id like to make a honey custard


The honeycomb doesn’t taste of honey beaut, it’s this sort of honeycomb (like in a Cadbury’s Crunchie - which you may not get in the US)


I agree with Lolly and others pointed out, that the honeycomb is not actual honey from a beehive with the waxy sweet comb around it. However it reminds me more of a lighter version of toffee, not the English one lol. It does have hints of Spanish/Italian nougat as well. Still might add a nice nuance to your custard, but if you were going for the actual honey profile its not that. VT does make a honey tho that is actual pretty good.


It’s excellent. Not honey like @Lolly said but sweet and crispy. It’s a really good flavor and something that’s somewhat different than any other flavors.


thank you ill pass lol