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When you really need cotton in an emergency



I can’t forget, I’ve opened a door for @Cutlass92, who will happily walk through soon.


My pants are best described as a comfortable fit, so I’ll take that hug if you don’t mind :+1::kissing_heart:.

Accidentally irresponsible describes me accurately today. I stubbed my toe whilst walking to the microwave to reheat some previously reheated rice.

I’d like to apologise to all responsible Asians for my reckless behaviour with the rice, but I refuse to apologise to everyone that walks regarding my toe incident.


That’s my old profile pic, thought I’d deleted that years ago


How could I not take that opportunity to post another meme?

And take my, um, humor as a cue to ensure that you not stop trying. Look at that crap, yet I continue to try.


I’m betting Cargo shorts.
It was probably ‘casual dress’ day… :wink:


Cargo shorts? With my legs?



I bet you do big guy! Come here and give me as much of a hug as you can handle!


This is your theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az_2oiccZNo