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When you really need cotton in an emergency


Sat in a meeting at work, and felt the old hot trouser pocket…

Quick lap dance later, and we are all good, until I got back to my desk. The drop solo was smelling like a kippers armpit, and I had no spare cotton.

Quick rifle through the first aid kit in the kitchen, and I’m bandaged up well enough to see me home…

Feeling like an urban Tarzan right now …


I want to understand this, but I can’t. What caught fire, and how were you injured?


Nothing caught fire. Mod fired in my pocket, but only burnt the wick.

I replaced said wick with cotton removed from a medical eye dressing, also known as an eye pad.

So now, I’m “smoking” the eye pad :wink:


How were you able to fit a Ipad in your pocket ?


Well you see @Phil_Fish I believe they forgot to lock their mod and was wearing a tight pair of pants, well tight pants and an unlocked mod don’t play well together and the mod probably started firing in their pocket, overheated and roasted the wick. Looked like they found some gauze and mcgyverd up a wick to get them through the day.


I understand and had the same confusion, your “I-Pad” wasnt smoking, you used an “eye pad” as a wick


Ah, light dawns on marble head. Got it, thanks!

The gauze on the table looked like wisps of smoke.

Hey thanks for clearing that up, @Cutlass92 (by the way, at first there was no mod pic)


That’s the last time I attempt to be funny :speak_no_evil::grinning:


I hope not. It was good, I’m just a little slow on the uptake sometimes.


Not sure what happened with the mod pic first time, had to edit the post :+1:


I’m going to change the title.

And I flagged the post. Don’t put an unlocked mod in your pocket, you are giving responsible vapers a bad name.


Jesus… umm, ok


I know right!


Its still funny and shows some excellent adaptability and thinking on your behalf


Sorry if I’m being a dick. I do think I have a sense of humor, some may disagree.

I find the play on words, ipad/eyepad, quite funny. But the rest is not funny at all and shows irresponsibility on the OP’s part.

How do we want to be perceived, as vapers, to the public? Do we want to wind up in the ER as a statistic that gets blasted nationwide by the media?


Well, despite any of the mixed/hard feelings, I for one am marking this date. You’ve never apologized for being a dick before!! :wink:


Now that my friends is pretty damn funny. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Solid gold, brother.


I dont normally bite, but I’d just like to clarify something here.

I didn’t intend to pocket my mod unlocked. It was accidental, not irresponsible.

There’s a huge difference


How about we say accidentally irresponsible, share a few awkwardly long hugs, and everyone can be friends again! (Of course, if your pants are really that tight, I ain’t hugging you).


You are now making assumptions, his one-eyed trouser mouse could have pushed the button.