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Where are you from?


Cool, I have a daughter in Broadford and an Aunty in Daylesford


Not far away at all :+1:


PA, United States.


Born in Rochester, NY live in Temecula California


How long were you passed out Rob? You sure don’t look good at all.


Born and raised here


Some would say my own little world…but actually, Indiana, United States.


Waikuku Beach, New Zealand


Staffordshire, UK :grin:


You are about 25 miles from where my mother was born and raised in Mickleover


A Derby lass! Cool :+1:


On the stage? :grinning:


Columbus IN


Originally lived in Warrington UK but now live in the canary islands - about 40KM off the west coast of Africa :laughing:


Los Angeles, CA


The north west of Ireland.


Right at the end of my dirty finger nail …



If you just move your dirty fingernail along the A560 to Timperly, My aunt used to live there. I loved Altrincham

Is there a Dutch Pancake house there or am I thinking of somewhere else?


I’ve lived in Timperley a few times man, nice area, originally I’m from Hale just down the road from Altrincham, not a bad part of the world :wink:
Erm…no, the only Dutch Pancake house I can think of was in Manchester :+1: