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Where are you from?


Maybe we got the tram from Altrincham to somewhere near there. It was a long time ago now. Boss pancakes though lol


yeah man the tram from Altrincham stops directly outside the Dutch Pancake House, about a 20 minute journey, I actually work not too far from there :+1:



Good ole Loganville (45 mins from Atlanta), Georgia.



Yes Primus!!!


Although it’s more like:


I’m going back over your way in September. Definitely stopping there for a pancake now :yum:


That friggin’ song is absolutely great … 90’s music is still the best IMO
Primus is amazing


Athens, Greece


Whitehaven, Cumbria




Exactly! I still find myself buying music from when I was growing up as opposed to newer stuff usually.


When I was in The Navy I was stationed in Seattle I really loved WA


I was stationed in Bremerton. Good old USS John C Stennis. Love that area. I have an uncle that lives on Lopez Island.


lopez island is nice , i just did a job out there with some beautiful reclaimed pine ,


Yeah my uncle used to do cabinets. I do not know if he still does.


ya its nice tacoma is south of seattle i had to move , i grew up on the east side which is pretty rough and i have children didnt want them growing up down there


jobs on those islands are greatb, no budget and they want something different usually lol , im in the flooring industry


I currently live a couple miles north of Detroit city limits. Grew up in a much smaller town of ~4k people in farm country about 80 miles northwest of here.

I lived in south king county for a time and loved it

I recently found out my great grandfather did the cabinets on the edmund fitzgerald