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Where are you from?


Saint George, Utah


Philadelphia pa. USA


Wow, it didn’t start a war, clearly not many Alabamians here lol. Yes this place is awesome! You & I both bud, rain is currently filling the cab of my baby as we speak as if the windshield doesn’t even exist :roll_eyes:


Nice looking El Camino, guessing maybe a 1970 or there about. :+1:


Right on the money '70, in-laws run a classic car shop so my wife & I got it on the low when we got married as our wedding present to eachother. Only downside was that the 496 stroker it came with had to be pulled or I wouldn’t be able to afford it or driving it lol, think he sold that engine for nearly $5k lol


Figured it was from the round turn signal lights. I had a 70 Monte Carlo years ago that was special ordered from the factory with 350ci 300HP 4 bolt main motor M22 4 speed manual transmission and 3:73 posi rear. One of the best running and fun to drive cars I have ever owned.


I had a 76 monte carlo. Driving up a hill it felt like the earth was going to disappear at any minute. The inflatable shocks were cool.


NICE! I bet it was fun! Right now she only has a 307 because the bottom end was already assembled in the shop & I didn’t have the money for anything else. You can bet I will be looking for a block when I finish building my '86 yota, machine shop finished up with it today :upside_down_face:


Buraydah, Saudi Arabia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I’m an hour west of you in Springfield…


Right on, I go up there every at least once a week. Have you tried Viper Vapors flavors? With them being so close Ive been wondering how they compare to the major brands.


nods, been there a few times. I tried a couple of their house brands (they make their own ingredients), I believe their Butter Rum and Sugar Cookie, I didn’t really like how they came out flavor wise. 4 or 5 years ago I use to have them mix me up recipes but they seemed to have changed their core ingredients and I stopped having them do it and started mixing my own. If you haven’t been to their shop in a while they have relocated from behind the “Subway” (the building they were in) into the end position in the strip mall that that building was behind.


I just been there once and it wasn’t too long ago. I believe it was the new location


Phoenix, AZ, USA


Wiltshire, England.


I’m from Daytona, Fl.,USA


oooh me toooo!! But Im currently freezing my ass off in Tennessee. I go back and forth between both places


NewYork USA