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Where are you from?


Styles & Wood are in Sale now just down the road, huge building, I know where Quelfire is it’s just near Cartwrights (who my brother in law works for lol)


Got an old friend there in Shelbyville I haven’t seen in a while… Reminds me to call her and just say Hello.


It`s been a while, 2004, I called in for a coffee from time to time and did a bit of consultancy but that fizzled out



Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Everywhere else I’ve lived has been a one hour or less drive from here.



I grew up in South St. Louis but now live in the Ava, Missouri area


Saban county, Alabama


Roll Tide or ???
Welcome depending on your answer,lol


Roll Tide lol, tbh I’m not crazy about sports but I enjoy watching football every now & then. I’ve seen too many people take it way too seriously, ignorant imo* but to each his own.


Since you stated the obvious,WELCOME,lol.


Thanks! Glad to be here! Just noticed your Steelers avatar, no offence if you’re one of those people :laughing:
Do you own a 72 Vette?


Lynchburg, Tennessee




Love the new pic and do sis!


Yes and yes,lol,and a bunch of other junk in case your shopping,j/k. Glad your here as this place is awesome.


ROLL TIDE ROLL DAMNIT,lol. Now the war has begun,lol.


Anybody in Indiana hear any updates to legislation? At last check, DIY was technically “illegal” in this state.


funny how Indiana has one of strictest stances in America against vaping, but when you drive through Anywhere in Indiana, all you see is one tobacco shop after another after another.


That’s the reason. They are on tobacco country.