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Where did the cotton go?



When I read that thread i was assuming we were pulling the cotton apart trying to work it through the coils not by burning it up! I thought i had learned some from that thread but perhaps I missed something!

Interesting. I know they gunk up the coils and would make sense that would affect the cotton as well!

Sure enough! haha. Your probably right though. Using the squonk mod and vaping until you get right to the point you can tell your starving the coils of juice but not getting a dry hit repeatedly may have contributed, but no nasty bad dry hits!

I am saving up!!! I need a multi cell temp control squonk mod with replay!!! I want to try that Deep water Ti build I read about!

If you can pull it through the coil it’s not too tight! Wick Hard!!! Check out the thread mentioned above and look at video!

What you describe is what happen though, so is there a correlation? May be one of those subjective topics!


Same as above with the disappearing cotton. With contact coils and a sucralose juice I can roast out the coil cotton in about 8ml, which is just one tankful on my RDTA, which is pathetic. And it can also happen in temp control. TC’s great but it isn’t anything more than a hedge against it burning out sooner, as far as contact coils and sucralose juices go. But with non-sucralose juices (including the happy Stevia stone) and spaced coils, I’ve never seen it, neither in TC or power.

As for wicking, I have tried the Wick Hard deal plenty in the past. I have not found it superior; actually, a slightly looser pack nets me much better results. As always, with just about everything, YMMV.


+1 on this for me. slightly loose not too packed.

i had the experience of the wick splitting in the middle. in my experience there’s another reason beside the sweeteners - check your coil dimensions … if your coil is relatively long compared to diameter (like a long narrow pipe), the wick will “starve” in the middle - that’s where the heat concentration is, and it will deteriorate and burn faster in that place.

to fix, if you can, either lose a wrap or 2 from the coil (so it becomes shorter and more proprtional to ID), or use a slightly wider ID - if you’re on 2.5, use 2.7 or 3.0mm - and so on. this also happens more with SS coils where the heat ramps up faster than the cotton can wick and juice flows - all the way to the center wick - especially if you chain vape.

hope this helps


That’s very true and another great point. Coils heat from the middle-out when installed correctly, and if that middle is a long way from the edge, you’ll toast it pretty quick if it doesn’t wick in quickly enough.


NET is an acronym for Naturally Extracted Tobacco, which are flavor compounds taken from tobacco leaves. If you’re into tobacco flavored juices, then it’s for you. I’ve had some that tasted awesome and some that tasted horrid.


Yep, but only with Bust a Nut. Gunks the coils so bad the cotton just goes away inside.


If someone already posted something like this I appologize I did not have the time nor the inclination to read the whole thread.

I know cotton, for whatever reason, is a very personal subject when it comes to vaping. So forgive my directness.

Ko gen do is really good for make up and such (so the ladies tell me) but it sucks as a wick.

https://f5cottons.com/shop-f5-cottons/ Of course this is my opinion which I derived from personal experience, therefor it has got to right. Right? I mean, they don’t call me Dan the Man for nottin. :sunglasses: :smiling_imp: :star_struck: I love myself, but I figure, if I don’t, who will?

Seriously though, The flavor is exceptional, though there is a break in period of 10 hits or so, which is the only thing I don’t like about it. I vape anywhere from 66.6 watts to 88.8 watts and I vape it dry. It DOES NOT BURN in half or for that matter, at all. Now I have gotten some brownish color to it but never burnt. It wick beautifully also.

Almost anything is better than Ko gen do and or cotton bacon. If I hurt anyones feelings, PM me and we’ll talk it over.

Peace. P.S. They accept pay pal and even paypal credit.


Glad someone Loves you! (jk) I have seen the F5 mentioned before along with 10 or 15 other options. That’s one of the many cool things about this ELR community, the diversity of opinions and options! I have been using KGD since I started vaping and I tried CB 1 & 2 and went back to KGD. I couldn’t justify the cost for what I found to be Meh! There’s that opinion thing again! :joy:
Thanks for the recommendation!


Cost is a real consideration, but I got my Cotton Bacon Prime for 99 cents as an add-on in a hardware order from E-FUN.TOP. Since I have recently adopted the WICK HARD philosophy, my CBP has been nailing the ability to get maximum cotton density. It’s already pretty dense and I can crank it down HARD and the results have been amazing for me personally. I have been fishing out all my old RDTAs and the results have been consistently strong. No breakin flavor …no nuttin, just moar sweet tasty clouds bro.

Have to add I use 22ga Stainless HCIGAR wire (spaced) which helps to standup against almost rigid wicking.


I am behind the times when it comes to Evolve. I have had one dna board and it broke in less than 6 mnths. I was so p!$$ed I never bought another, though I have been contemplating getting one again.

Anywho, what is Replay technology?


Replay is a tech that uses tech from TC mode, with a layer above. What it does is that you use normale wattage mode, then when you had a good puff you can safe it and then replay that puff. Then the board will with realtime adjustments do its best to hit the same parameters/curve from the saved puff. So what it mainly does it raise or down throttle while you make a puff to replay previously saved one.

Very effective if you have bigger changes in your vape environments such as temperature or similar.

It it also effective if you want to dry vape a wick to get rid of flavors from a juice before changing.


I had the exact same thing happen with Atlantis ejuice by vapergate, i really enjoyed that juice so i did a lot of experimenting to see what was happening, i came to the conclusion that the cotton was disolving under heat due to some chemical in the juice, i assume i was inhaling disolved cotton and stopped vaping that juice, after 3 years of vaping i’ve never had it happen with any other juice, it scared me and is one of the reasons i started mixing my own juice 1 1/2 years ago.


So your thinking the combination of heat and chemical composition dissolved the cotton? That would explain why I never got a bad nasty dry hit! That’s interesting!


Lummy pretty much summed it up. You can dial that perfect “Wow that was a good hit!” or just a random good hit…engage Replay, the chipset records it and in essence ‘plays it back’ until you choose to stop playback. You can vape that perfect puff until your tank runs dry. No scorching, no dry hits. EVER!

The only caveat is your coils must be TC type material, which means no Kanthal.


is it on all of the newer boards?


It is on the DNA 250c and 75c (with a firmware upgrade I believe), so yes.


if you use any of the DNA or YIHI mods…they both have the no dry hit to them…YIHI is in TC mode tho…but i never get dry hits in either type mods

i meant to say the DNA C series…i dont know if the others ones do the same


I had that happen using replay on a paranormal dna 250c. Twice, as a matter of fact, and never tasted thefirst bit of a dry hit.


If using multi wires then only one must be tc compatible, so a kanthal/ss coil or Ni80/ss will work in replay.