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Where did the cotton go?


This may sound really stupid but I can’t be the only one that it has happened to! Recently while vaping on the drop solo I started getting an off taste so i figured it was time to clean and rewick! So i took everything apart and grabbed the old cotton with my tweezers and pulled! there was NO cotton left in the coil! Cotton on each end and maybe 1mm extending into the coil on each side!
This has happened twice, and both times on the Drop using fused claptons 3mm ID and not really running a lot of power, usually 45 or 50 watts!
Has anyone come across anything like this before?


Yep, ya cooked the wick right in half, done that. Laying off the dry hits prevents that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup, just yanked two out of a Lotus that I fried. Went wayyyyyyy too long between coil changes.


This happens with my wife’s drippers wicked with rayon as well. She’ll vape the hell out of one dripper for days on end… “power mode” at 15 watts; no matter that I have 6 freshly wicked RDA’s in a line, awaiting her use. :thinking:

So, my thoughts are… keep the wick(s) wet and change the wick(s) within 2 or 3 days of heavy use. :wink:


How do you not taste that burn? :smiley: My stomach turns around when my cotton is even the slightest bit singed. I can’t say this ever happened to me.

Usually I don’t see the cotton in the middle though, I always change coils together with the wick. Ever so often I pluck it out just to see how scorched it is because I get a fairly strong burnt taste and it’s only ever slightly darker.


Just the wife eh? Lol

I’m thinking it’s part of my learning curve with my recent foray into Squonking! Maybe not keeping the wick saturated, had a couple minor dry hits trying to get my Squonk just right! Guess next time i get a single dry hit I will have to rewick it right then! Was just shocked to see the cotton gone!


Yeah, just hers. :smirk: I’m a NET vaper, so changing the wick in 2 or so atomizers on a daily basis is just part of life for me. Changing wicks and morning coffee go hand in hand. :wink:


I am not familiar with NET vaping, will have to do some more reading! I have gotten my wicking down pretty well lately so changing the wick and or coils is not that big a deal. Will be rewicking more often anyway!


This is something i have experienced quite a bit, but most often when using sweeteners.


Topic here.


I can see in that topic that i am not the only one pointing at the sweetener.


Yeah, it has happened for me once. I was doing some test mix tasting and was trying to vape the wicks dry in TC mode, I apparently overdid it and got a dry hit from hell :nauseated_face: After this the RDA didn’t really work properly and when I checked the wicks, the whole centre was simply gone, probably burned away.

But simply disappearing without getting a nasty dry hit first? No that has happened to me, and I didn’t even know that it could happen.


Yep if you have not yet read this (I mean watched this video… thx to @atssec97~!) in the above mentioned Topic (Thx @Chrispdx!) maybe you need to pack more wick in there. Wick HARD!


Honestly I’ve never experienced this. But this is why God has gifted us with Temp Control. With a good understanding of how heat affects the resistance of your coil material, and the ability to control it you should almost never experience dry hits. And Evolv’s Replay technology takes it even a step further.


On my squonker after vaping for a couple of days citrus prominent mixes. Cotton just broke in the middle, but I didn’t got a dry hit. Only reason I noticed it was, all the sudden I got immense spit back.

It didn’t disappear. I do use Scottish roll but contact coils in my rda, since the deck isn’t big enough for spaced. Never had that issue with other juices, blaming it on the lemon cake :wink:


How much sucralose is in that lemon cake?


Yet another reason to space coils


Never had anything like that happen to me (yet)


based on (inw)lemon cake (sds - if we can trust that)

Orange Oil
Hexanoic acid

It’s sft, didn’t add other flavorings or any kind of sweeteners.


I had that happen once in an alien coil when the cotton was too tight inside. I started feeling a very slightly burnt flavor, and when i went to rewick, the cotton was split in two