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Where do you buy your empty bottles from?


Awesome! I’ve been trying to find these for awhile. I have a few and I love them!
Thank you :blush:


If you’re in the EU: plaza33.nl has been in business for 16 years. Their website looks like it’s never been revamped ever since, but their product range, knowledgeability and customer service are VERY 2017. With pricing and quality of the products respectively low and high, this is my go to place for any containers.


These are excellent quality for anyone in the EU and they have a huge variety.


Ebay… search 1 liter filler bottle


If you don’t mind waiting Aliexpress have a lot of different types at pretty good prices, delivery included worldwide.


Nic River sells the screw on tips separately .


Can we make it a rule to state which country you want to purchase an item(s) from?


While I know this is a fairly old thread I thought I would re-open it. I needed (wanted) to get some new bottles for testers. I searched around a bit, almost purchased some from Amazon (Prime with free shipping) but I kept seeing “something” that would make me hesitate, either the tips weren’t nice and thin or maybe a review or two would say they leaked or the tips didn’t all fit correctly. I recalled somewhere someone had posted this site… dropperbottles.com and after looking around decided to try them out.
Purchased 100 15ml bottles (with tips and caps) for 17.00 plus 6.63 for shipping (30ml bottles would have only cost 2 dollars more). Purchased Saturday evening and they arrived today (Wednesday) so there was very good shipping.


I haven’t looked at their plastic ones, but all of my mixes go into glass boston rounds, and I get them from here: http://www.specialtybottle.com
Idk if they ship internationally, but if you’re in the states, they are the best imho!


I use glass for my ingredients, but like LDPE for my juice.


Small tester bottles (< or = 30ml), I get them from eBay.

And I use these pretty much exclusively for my 100ml bottles.


Same company I use. I’ve never had a problem with them, plus they are great for keeping my overhead low. No customer complaints, yet.


I’ve found Specialty Bottle’s prices to be kinda high. I was a bit disappointed especially since they ship from Nashville, which ain’t far from me. I thought I might be able to pick up an order and save the shipping cost. Have you checked out ``Glass Bottle Outlet? A recent order I placed with Glass Bottle Outlet was $60.06 including shipping. The same items from Specialty Bottle cost $111.15 including shipping.


I’ll check em out for sure thank you! I found them after looking at what some of the diy sites sell them for.


@CallMeTut Thank you. I will be trying some from them next. Liking your purple…


That was one thing I did like… you can choose what color you want the tops. I thought if I only used purple for testers, it would be easy to distinguish them from other stuff I have. Normally when I’ve ordered things they would come with various colored caps and you couldn’t pick what you wanted.


I use https://www.ibottles.co.uk cheap (very) and quality, depending on your location though.

Hey can’t be too much though they charge a flat rate of £4.95 from the UK, and bottles are as cheap as 10p with droppers and lids and you can choose the lid colour.

Hope that helps :+1:


I always use Ibottles now :smiley: really good selection and they’re doing 10ml bottles again that I use for testing