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Where do you buy your empty bottles from?


Hello all. Been mixing a while and have decided to start making for others. Just wanted to know where you all buy your supplies from. Thank you


I use Amazon… I see some others posting about dhgate but they’re in China and I’m too impatient for all that.


Has great prices per piece but shipping is bit high, eBay has some good deals too.


I’m using more plastic for short term storage, but glass for long term. Amazon hasn’t let me down (510 Central), and SKS for the 120ml bottles…



I just added a few to every flavor order. After a year I have more than enough.


I’ve bought some from Nicotine River… Really liking the gorilla bottles. Just bought 5 …15 ml bottles for 3 ish bucks U.S. 60 ml for 85 cents each. check that site out.


I use these guys they are in China but the bottles are good and the shipping is free.

They do ship to the usa.




10% off discount code


I’ve bought bottles from a lot of places but always the ldpe squeeze bottles. I’ve always had the best luck buying them from folks on eBay. Most offer free shipping.
Just yesterday I bought a few cobalt Boston round bottles from Nic River, their prices seemed fair.


The Plastic Squeeze Gorilla Bottles I use to fill tanks I get from ebay.

The 120ML Glass Bottles I use for post mixing, steeping and storage I usually order from:


The shipping is a little high but they are high quality containers. They don’t smell funny like they have been used previously for essential oils or something. That can happen buying glass bottles from ebay, you have no idea what has been in them. I had to soak a batch of glass I got from ebay a while back in a bowl of cheep beer over night to get a perfume stink off of them and then boil them.


I have ordered glass from GlassBottleOutlet and Amazon. My GBO order arrived fine and well packaged while my amazon order was a box with separators but it was shipped inside another HUDGE box with no padding or bubble wrap so it slopped around inside the larger box and 2 of 12 were broke. Cost of returning it for the shipping claim was not worth the trouble so I ate the loss.


I don’t use glass bottles, so I can’t say I’ve had a negative experience yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


gbo sells plastic also. i use mostly glass for batches (have a few azlon medical grade plastic bottles I use for batches also) and drippers for breaking down batches into 30 - 60 ml for dripping/refilling.


Does anyone know where to get the plastic bottles that have twist tips on top?


https://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/diy-tools/products/bullet-bottles?variant=23419210243 (PET ones)

https://www.liquidbarn.com/collections/bottles/products/liquid-pouring-bottle?variant=1962031428 (Squeezy ones)


have you seen these bottles anywhere?


Nicotine River has them I think


I’ve seen 'em but can’t decide where I saw them. Should be pretty easy to find… pretty common bottle.

Look at this thread…