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Where do you get flavors from if your Canadian?


As a Canadian I was wondering where fellow Canadians get there supplies from?


diy-ejuice.com, probably the best supplier in canada


I believe it’s in bc. Is there any in Toronto I can actually visit. I’ve gotten most of my flavors from Its Vape Time one of my local shops


A few from happyvaper. Then there was allecigsolution, long time i did not order from them, 2 years ago did not like there vg pg and nic, funnytaste at the time made me forget about mixing but whit here elr and diy its a beter world🤗


The Broke Vaper in London Ontario … you can also get flavours from Nic River but keep price under 100 bucks and you should have no trouble with Customs. I never had a problem. Just don’t buy any nicotine from Nic River only Flavours. For VG, nicotine and other stuff I use The Broke Vaper


Thanks I’ll check the broke vape out


As of late I’ve been using DashVapes. I can drive there and purchase in person. I’m not good at waiting for vape mail.


Dashvapes are good peeps they helped me out with a customs snafu I had with a package from them just recently. Good prices and great CS


@SessionDrummer posted some videos they made. I got a good kick out of them!


More Canadian companies are starting to carry flavourings I’ve found DashVapes, Canvapes and maple leaf vapes.


Kelly Mann @ DIY Ejuice is hands down the best for pricing and variety, used them for years now and ELR has a 10% discount code


I talked a coworker into diy and he uses them. He likes to do one big order which basically lasts the year! I’m going to piggy back his next order that’s for sure❗️


Is the discount 10 it says 5 in the resources?


Is 5% much better than a poke in the eye :grinning: