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Where to buy Titanium Wire


I usually get this question a few times per week. I thought I would just make a thread for an easy search. Maybe someone in the UK can link some UK vendors.

Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?
Titanium Wire... Prep and Use
IPV4 Reading Stainless Steel Coils

http://www.wireandstuff.co.uk/index.html For ti in the uk. Along with many other types.


After my last order of Ti wire from Unkamen was a bust, I tried this vendor on Ebay. Everything is working as it should again…

What's your favorite wire for building coils?

Thank you for the link , my last wire purchase was indeed a different material than before.It wasn’t reading off as bad as the batch you had but the T/C can’t work with ohms jumping around that much.
They will start off reading correct at .005 -.006 but will not stay consistent.That tells me that it isn’t grade 1 as it used to be.The newer wire is more malleable ,I found some old 24 and 26 ga. I purchased a while back it is way more springy.I decided to try the old 24ga. and it will work perfectly.


He insisted it was the same wire and I wasn’t going to argue with him. He had a good rep around here, but to lie the way he did… he lost me as a customer. Thanks for backing up what I thought was the problem.

This is his reply…


I hoped it was just the cold winter weather making the change so I swapped to power mode. Last week I was still having issues but the night temps were in the mid 60’s where I work so I remembered the old wire I had from him when it used to come on the small spools.When the old wire worked correctly I knew you were right.I hate that I just purchased three rolls but that doesn’t bother me as much as him telling you it is the same wire,It clearly isn’t.


Same here… I switched the wire and my problems went away.


Not gonna lie…this hurts my feelings.
I recently received 2 rolls of 316l from him, and it, too, is in different packaging/form. I am.also haVing problems with SS in TC on mods other than the DNA’s and I don’t know if it’s his wire or not. BUT, the SS that I have that I know isn’t his, is working just fine.
This is all a bummer. What happened to people just being real??


Sorry to hear you’re having problems too. I’m gonna load up on this new source and hope it lasts a while.


@Pattie has some Ti fused clapton wire made…26g x2 wrapped with 32g Ti…i am curious how that will vape. he will be reporting back to us. keep your eyes open if you wanna hear as well


I’ll put my findings on this thread aswell :+1:


I hated to read that you are having troubles as well .Let me know when you find a new supplier for SS or if you find any other suppliers to avoid.


This is what I am using.


I was unhappy at first and had zero success but my Kangertech KBOX Nano was to blame …just could not TC. My Cubiod TC 150 handles this wire PERFECTLY and now it’s all I run (spaced 6-wrap dual coils @ 0.15) $10 for 50’ …no 22ga though. Wire is very soft and oily, so I wet burn it (stuff with old wet wick and pulse to burn off oil …Ultrasonic would not clean [plain water]) After working around all the little issues, I like it alot, but would have preferred 22ga.


Since it’s been a while I thought I’d ask. Just wanted an update on where to get 22g titanium. Is Unkamen still a no go? What were your most recent successful purchases from?


My last purchase of Ti was from Lightning Vape, but they haven’t stocked it for quite some time. The links below is for Temco Wire which is a very reputable supplier.


Direct link to Temco site <<< Click here.


I can recommend Zivipf. A german vendor with many different wires. Cheap EU shipping.



I did buy from Unkamen 2 or 3 months ago. I have not purchased the earlier versions you folks have tried, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, it is very springy and difficult to deal with. It is also very dirty. It takes some scrubbing to get it clean. I’m planning to buy another one and see if it is any different. Thanks all.


Just wanted to report back.
I am pleased with the 22g wire I purchased from Temco.
I noticed a few things different from the Unkamen wire. I don’t know if these differences make Temco wires a better quality or not.

  • cleaner. No residue or any dirtiness when I wipe with wet paper towel.
  • not as springy.
  • different ohms result. With Unkamen wire, 6 wraps on 2.5 ID = .05-06 ohms.
    However, with the Temco wire, I wrapped 5 single coils. Each coil was 6 wraps on 2.5 ID. Each coil gave me .09 ohms. When I set up dual coils it becomes .045 ohms.
    So in order to get a higher ohm, I made 7 wraps and same ID instead. Dual coils finally got me .05 ohms.


After using Temco wire 22g for a while now, I feel that I want to try a different vendor to compare before stocking up from them. I think I had better success with my old Unkamen wire.

I am almost done with school here in the USA and plan on moving back home (Saudi Arabia) permanently. And I assume it won’t be easy to get vaping supplies there, so I want to stock up on a few things. So a question to those who tried Lightning Vapes titanium wire, is it one of the best so far? They do have it available in stock now.


It’s the same wire as Temco. I have them both. I will give them to you 50 feet total