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Where to get parts for tanks


OK this looks like a good place for this question. Where can I get replacement parts for my tanks? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has run into this brick wall. We all pay good money for the tanks we buy and when the glass cracks or the o-rings wear out what are you supposed to do? I’m not made of money this is why I diy my juice and coils but plunking down $25 or more for a tank and fall in love with it I don’t want to throw it out and don’t have the money to buy a new one every time the o-rings fails. The tanks in question I need parts for are the OBS engine and the Ammit original single coil I would like to be able to buy glass and o-ring kits like what I got with the tanks. I have been to geekvape and obsn and they do not offer the parts I need. Any help would be greatly appreciate.


Glass can be hard to get for tanks, they are basically considered consumables. Sometimes glass from one tank will work with another tank, not sure if that helps but it might get you going int he right direction.

For o-rings i just go to a real hardware store, True Value.


Sadly, i think u have to turn to the chinese for help there. I know fasttech has the glass when u search for each tank but for the o rings, search ‘o rings’ and there are many kits listed


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Fasttech has parts. I have a system which is basically buy several same attys. If you had an expensive original you also may be able to pick up the clone and use it for parts.


Try fasttech.com they usually offer the spare components if they exist for seperate purchase. I’ve never looked for the ammit (single) or OBS engine but it’s worth a shot. 3fvape.com has sets of assorted O-rings for something like $3 which might help too. Good luck :ok_hand:t2:


@worm1 what is really sad is the companies that produce the tanks over order all the parts to put them together and what they don’t use sits in house not to be offered to the public and what they do offer is only for a short time.
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Ah shame you’re on the wrong side of the pond man I have both but dont use either anymore i could of helped…really wouldnt be worth the postage…

Thats me being completely not helpful at all…its the thought that counts tho right?..:sunglasses:





I have an o-ring supplier about a mile away from me. I take my old o rings or parts I need o-rings for in and they give me a great deal on them!


@Cutlass92 where do you live? I went to fastenal near me and they have a lot of o-rings thing is they are to thick. And the girl that helped me Vapes to and said that none of the rings would fit. What kind of dealer is it? maybe I have a similar store near me.


I’ve bought parts from Kidney Puncher, Originvape, Fasttech and gearbest. One of those should do you.


when it comes to glasses:
usually there are spare parts inside packages, or you can find in vape stores, some sites (as fasttech etc) may sell glasses even for tanks that original companies never made, another but kinda rare to see is finding some compatible glasses from other tanks…

when it come to o-rings:
as far i can remember, Fumytech had released a box with o several size of orings, probably on solution is this, packages when you buy tanks usually have a a pair to change them… if the orings are in special shape etc this can be hard thing to find… still sites as fasttech could have a solution for it…

another way to find spare parts etc is to check in vaping stores, from times to times they have spare parts from destroyed tanks etc (yep, someone may had broke this tank in a fall or whatever, you could probably find orings or some parts from a broken original that could work in some cases if that’s the problem) though this is probably the hardest solution to get spare parts, but very rarely could be a solution


Central Indiana, it’s an o-ring dealer, literally the only thing they sell is o-rings.


If you send me the old o-rings I can take them up there and get some, I don’t have those tanks so I have no idea on the dimensions of them.


I’ve had luck with my local vapor shop for replacement glass. It was both a Cleito and an Arctic tank, they had both in nifty little boxes for about 5 bucks each. They may have random o-rings, too.