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Which brand ecig kit is better?


Which brand ecig kit is better? I found a few USA, China brands.


There is no one answer to the question as you wrote it.
There are advanced kits, beginner kits, and everything in between.
Are you planning to start vaping, do you have some experience vaping already?
Explain your situation and what it is you’re looking for.


Easy one , it is the one that keep you off smoking :slight_smile:


Was about to post a reply and saw this thread which has replies similar to what I was going to write.


[here ya go]


You’ve completely missed the point.


its been happening for a long time! ooops . Please forgive.:sweat_smile:


I say skip starter kits and go for the gusto within a few months anyway you’ll probably want a upgrade save some money buy a good mod at least 150 watts and a good tank and learn from there! That’s what I recommend anyway I’m sure some might disagree idk


You need something for a “mouth to lung” or MTL vaping.
I use a Kanger Aerotank Mini and an Aspire Nautilus Mini. At home, I have them on a Zmax Mini but when I go out I use an Evod Twist Fastech is slow. takes around 6 weeks but they are the cheapest, that battery runs around $20 anywhere else. You’ll need a Charger for the Evod, and 18350 batteries and charger for the Zmax. I use one that only takes one battery because on multi battery chargers both batteries have to be equally discharged and the Zmax only uses 1 anyway.


No worries.