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Which other mixer is costing you money, and is it worth it?


I am in the UK at the moment.


i’ve asked Tony at Vapour Depot if they might consider offering 5ml bottles of the pure MF (like ECX) and the answer was yes, that’s something they might well consider. Maybe you (and anybody else who’s interested) can also put in a request for the same,? the more people ask, the more it will look like a wiinning proposition. :slight_smile:

In the meantime…go on! pull that trigger. Just think how much you’re saving on stinkies. *grin *


Myself, I can’t blame nobody but myself. I read,buy,smell,taste,vape,mix and overmix most of the time. But I am loving every ml. of it. Trying to wein myself down in %. Expand my inventory and just keep plugging along, cause I’m not mixing for nobody but myself.


I can compare my £5-10 a week habit with my vape budget and I can tell you that I am not yet in the black, and this would be just for consumables. If I count mods and tanks, I would say I might be at 0 by the end of the calendar year.
My pico 25 + Serpent SMM does not feel like it needs changing and have a couple alternatives. If only someone could I told me it is what I needed at the beginning, together with a roll of 1x0.05 SS ribbon, I would have saved quite a lot :slight_smile:
It is even worse if I have been travelling abroad and had access to a duty free, by the way. The big savings, moneywise, are for heavy smokers of premade cigarettes who have to buy everything at the highest tax point.

Health wise, is another matter.


ooh! that’s one enviably cheap smoking habit, especially in the UK. You’re not Polish are you? (I recall that my Polish workmates all used to get their smokes at absurdly cheap prices, presumably during trips home)


Not polish, but it would be the same principle at what the polish people do. I get most of my stuff from abroad while travelling. Some of my friends used to receive packages from family abroad. Illegal but unlikely to get caught.

For example:
My consumption would be about £12 at local prices. Except I am hardly ever buying at local prices.
Going through a duty free a couple month ago, I would be at £2.5 a week with their price.
Dutch price would be about 5
French closer to 10 now. With the stronger GBP/EUR rates it would have been
Uk around 12. Minbd you, it might have increased again, it has been a while.

Either way, it gets relatively lost in the noise of the cost of living in UK.


You should do a little search on the forum. @jay210 started a thread with places where you can buy MF in Europe.
I think she listed 2 different companies and 1 of them have a UK and DE office.


If you only smoked so little … I can only assume you only vape very little as well (as in amount of liquid). But at those prices, you can’t complain. There are people who spent more than double that a day.
In the end, I think the health advantages you get back are worth a lot more than the money, as well as not smelling of smoke and ash, being able to taste and smell food properly and so on. And it’s a hobby too. There are few hobbies you can do these days for that amount of money.

For me it’s probably a break even since I bought cheap tobacco and rolled my own cigarettes… counting the day I quit. Meanwhile, tobacco prices have gone up and continue to go up while my vaping liquids and gear remain at similar prices. I don’t visit the doctor as often compared to my smoking days either. My immune system is so much better and if I do get sick, I’m over it much faster, don’t even need medication most times.

I’d probably pay more for vaping than smoking if I had to… it’s overall just such a huge improvement and not only for me, for people around me as well.


My experience is the opposite…I’m my own worst enemy. Before I knew anyone, anything, I just started buying any flavor that looked good (oiy!). It wasn’t until I found some mixers here that I could finally hone my flavors to something I could actually use…and that’s saving me money.


We are on the same page I think.

On purely financial grounds, vaping does not always make sense. Eventually, the cost of making more liquid is very low but the set up costs (mostly because of finding out what you like) is high. Same for kit, I have a few different mods and in the end I only use my pico 25 (of which I have one spare) because the format/functionality is right for me.

If you add health benefits and for me the pleasure of mixing and tinkering I am not complaining.


Soooo many people here making me spend money !!! I can’t list them all. @Pro_Vapes, @fidalgo_vapes, @Sprkslfly, @Bob_Bitchen have all caused me to add years to my mortgage payments, by limiting my additional principal payments LOL. @vapeymama has to be added to that list as she was pushing out far too many delicious mixes wherein I was ALWAYS missing ONE ingredient.

Is it worth it ?? Absolutely yes.


Instead of flavor-shaming @Amy2 and @SthrnMixer I’d rather start a meme for this place. If a “boat is a hole in the water where you throw money” then…

ELR is “A Rabbit Hole in the Internet where you throw money” ©




Dude you must be going way back into the archives. Have you mixed any of… lets say… The last 7 or so pages?


I have. I am hoping to work on a few more this weekend. I am working more on flavour than on date!
Also there seems to be a general increase in numbers of flavours used either time, some of the earlier recipes are tempting because of their relative simplicity.


I can understand that. I got to say though, some of the newer ones ( I say some because there is no way I can make all of his recipes ) are amazing in the layers and he has a knack for making a recipe, both earthy and bright and fresh at the same time. Pretty amazing mixing. he has some gems that he doesn’t even remember.

If you like creams, check out the 18, if you haven’t already. I have friends and family that want it all the time. I have to charge them 20 bones for a 100ml because it is more expensive to make, but it is the best cream ever.


Have not found a good source of hangsen and am a bit of two minds about using cream whipped FA, so the 18 is problematic.

I am more a fruit, menthol/ice and nut person.
I stumbled on the recipes trying to get something with fig working. And now I am looking at their peach layering.
That said, I am finding a taste for the tobacco vapes and am looking into herbal as well. I have been pretty fond of Monsoon (FA) the past couple days (I bought a tester from FA UK a while back)


It’s actually to many to name. Lately tho @Alisa and @Amy2 for my recent purchase of Italian Cream Hangsen… Also @Amy2 for the Creamy Milky Undertone OOO . And there’s @SessionDrummer for his tips and tasting notes. Anyone that contribute to the ELR Data Base, be it recipes or notes has also costed me a ton. Undoubtedly the person that has costed me the most is @Ken_O_Where for suggesting the MF Extracts so long ago.

Is it worth it? You betcha! I’m a much better mixer for following these tips and advice.


Lol I am remembering you and @Ken_O_Where talking up some MF extracts and I was throwing em in the basket lol shopping :shopping_cart: full 24/7 those were the days !

Ohh I am so glad you got Italian Cream HS and OoO creamy milky undertone !!! Looking forward to your creations :confetti_ball:


I can’t say that any mixer specifically made me spend a lot of money on flavors (yet)… I just look for flavor profiles, pick out good looking recipes and order those flavors. Those recipes come from all over the place.
I’m keeping an eye out on the MF Suppliers thread though, still deciding on which flavors to get but I can guarantee you that it’ll be the most expensive order I’ve ever placed. For that I am most certainly blaming @Pro_Vapes.
I think he’s secretly working for them or perhaps he’s getting a % on all the sales coming from ELR because he sure is the one promoting them the most.