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Which other mixer is costing you money, and is it worth it?


It is probably just confirmation bias! @Pro_Vapes does not want to have sold this kidney in vain :wink:
I don’t think it is fair to suggest commissions taking.

It took me a while to decide but until there are cheaper rebottles, I am not going there no matter how good. Also, there seems to be a few complaints about flavour stability which seem to be less common with VG based flavourings (as much as they also have a shelf life as well).


I’m sure he won’t take me serious on that, was just a (bad) joke :wink:

That’s of course every DIYer’s choice. If you calculate the cost per ml of e-liquid, I’m sure you can find concentrates from CAP or TPA that are more expensive!
And I’m not looking for the cheapest flavors but the best. If I want to vape less, I’ll just add a little extra nic to my juice or get a good MTL kit.
I used to smoke a pack or more of Marlboro Reds. At today’s prices, that’s a whole bottle of MF concentrate every 2 or 3 days and I’m sure an MF bottle will last me a whole lot longer than a couple months.
If I like MF flavors, I might give the rebottles a try for the sake of comparing but without having the original as a reference I wouldn’t know what to compare it with.


Hey you! You’re jumping the gun. You’ve gotta actually purchase your MF sample pack before you join the ELR MF sales team, you know! And then 50% of your commission goes to @Pro_Vapes . and 50% of his commission goes to @Ken_O_Where , the Daddy of us all. Blame the lot on Ken. Pro_Vapes does!

of course, this is why Ken doesn’t promote MF like he used to. Doesn’t need to. Just sits back and lets the commission roll in.:grinning:

Disclaimer This post is a work of fiction. any resemblance betwen characters mentioned in this post and characters posting on ELR is coincidental. And any accidental tagging of members is due to a tic.in my index finger.


Mine was worse, if I may :slight_smile:

I get your logic, but I can’t personally justify everything with “but the alternative would be more expensive” :slight_smile:
The problem is that I don’t really need to make 13.5*100/0.5 ml of whatever liquid (I’ll save you the computation, it is around 2.7L)

So I am just going to spend as much as a MF order on Flavorah instead, I am sure htere is logic somewhere.


Sometimes flavors can be expensive or totally out of range. I don’t use much flavoring that the rule of other flavors are more expensive in the long run would apply here. But then again always could save some bucks.

My problem is that you can’t do anything with 1 flavor most of the time, and mixing it with the regular brands does mostly not work very well.

So much I would like to try MF or even Flavorah, I just can’t afford it. I’ve picked up some FLV bottles here and there, but not a whole collection.

I mostly stick to flavors the “regular” community uses. I’m sure the other juices are better but ours ain’t bad either :wink:


It took me a year to branch out and buy from a different company haha
And i was not disappointed! I actually just bought bano FA. Havent tried it yet…but its kind of a cool feeling to have so many options!


Oh I agree and I do even like the flv I bought, surely a difference but just not possible sometimes. I hate saying it but it is what it is.

I do like options and some brands are great as well, but with any of the brands I never find something 100%. Close tho but always have to add a different manufacturer. And that’s an issue at times. Example Flv wild melon even at 1 drop it overruns everything else that’s mixed with the regular brands. Even if I would, which I don’t set the other percentages at 10-15% lol.

That’s probably why I haven’t commited to all flv recipes etc. either, but I would like experiencing that as well, so I’m planning on not purchasing flavors this and next month, and see if I can expand a little. Because to me thats impressive. Not trying to promote or bad mouth any brand here, just trying to explain what I’m looking for and how my experience is/was.

I do have quite a bit of FA but for me these are more disappointing.

I’m quite happy with my vape train flavors I’ve gotten, at least to me in comparison to cap/tfa/FW/pur they are a bit more potent and true to label. Important too me actually.

So options are amazing and I’m not saying stick with one brand, but some seem to work better than others lol


I’m also my own worst enemy when it comes to ordering flavors. I took advantage of Bull City’s Memorial Day sale to restock on a few items I’m out of, and by the time I’ve got my cart built there’s 6-7 additional flavors that A) weren’t on my shopping list(Such a handy piece of code! Thanks, @daath!) and; B) Cost almost as much as the 12 that I’d originally gone to order! What’s even worse, is I ordered them based off of a remembrance of someone mentioning the flavor in a thread I can’t remember or even find. GAH!!! What the hell am I gonna do with Avocado (FA) (FLV)?!?

I really gotta stop the late night I’ve-already-taken-pills shopping sprees…

EDIT: Changed from FlavourArt(FA) to Flavorah(FLV) Because obviously I’m a total dumbass and mistook one “F” vendor for another. The crack you may have heard far off in the distance was me facepalming myself into next week. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Homero,


There is a avocado toast recipe somewhere…

Also this:

I suggest .2% HP sauce tincture… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s also somewhere a salsa and a avocado custard and ice cream recipe, just can’t remember where I saw it lmao

But none were FA avocado I believe but can probably substitute it with FAs version :wink:


You did manage to find thee one flavour not in the 'data’base, by the way. I can’t even find it on fa website. Could be FE?


I went by that lol. I got only one avocado and that’s from VT. I still haven’t made a recipe with it yet and still figuring out what i would do with it :wink:

Edit maybe his/her FA is meant for Flavor Apprentice? If they make it? Some vendors write that on the bottle and some mix it up with flavor art (FA) but I didn’t question it because I wasn’t surprised that FA would have made a avocado lol

Maybe (FA) stands for something else or is mixed up with FE or/and FLV , we will have to wait for @paingawd to tell us the actual company its purchased from :rofl:


It’s actually FLV’s Avocado that I ordered. I mistakenly wrote FA instead of FLV. Sorry about the confusion!


It’s FLV’s Avocado, not FA. Having an ID-10-T issue today…

Sorry for the confusion!


And please do let us know how your avocado recipes work out. I’m interested in the more unconventional vaping flavors.


There were many bottles marked “FA” for Flavor Apprentice (TPA). In the DIY handbook I think that’s like item #5 and everyone’s first mistake loading up their Flavor Stash


Me neither, TBH
My MF will be long past their “use by” and I might well be in my grave before I can seriously claim that I’ve saved any money by using my …ummm…errr… 28 flavours of pure MF (plus 20 BE, but some of those are duplicates) as compared to less concentrated flavours.
But hey! I’m enjoying them more :slight_smile: and it still saves one heck of a lot of dosh , as compared to smoking


I tried and tried with many mixers recommendations and it’s been more miss than hit. I started doing my research into the companies directly to find the quality producers.
Hands down Wonder Flavours has been my best collection with many single flavor winners.
Peach Pie and cream is layered with fruit, crust butter and rich cream. Gushy Fruit is a flavor bomb. Green Jolly candy is a perfect Jolly Rancher Green Apple…
The ratio is about 8 to 10 on winners.
There are others too, like Flavor Apprentice and Flavor West that provide me with many good recipes with 3 or less ingredients.
As always though, taste is subjective and one should objectively decide what’s good to them without trying to force the like because of high praise from others.


Yet more proof that I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to ordering flavors: Just got my Bull City order in on Friday, and in my haste I mistakenly ordered 30 ml of DX Bavarian Cream(TPA) instead of the V1 with all of its DA/AP creamy goodness. DRAT!!! Guess I’m gonna be making the switch to diketone-free juices after all…


@woftam gets a mention for letting me translate the Solubarome flavour list, which resulted in