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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!




Okay I’m here now what!!


How much to get in ?


Dang! Thanks so much for tagging me!


Pay attention over the next week. WhiteRose will be giving away one of his custom mods. Tag your friends in this thread if you like,


@Leilani @DrChud @Grubby


Woohoooo. @VapeyMama @GPC2012 @ozo @Gambit117 @LordVapor


I think the point is just for @TheTinMan1 to show off that he knows a lot of people


Wow! Thanks for the tags folks. Everybody I know so far is already tagged but sure I would love to be counted in.


Thanks for the tag @Chrispdx. @Ken_O_Where needs one too. I think @therabidweasel needs another.

Will there still be another thread pop up for the giveaway?


It’s a giveaway…no fees!


@VapeyMama @Underanne @Pro_Vapes @Jazzy_Girl @Lolly @MisterSinner @Leilani @fidalgo_vapes Lookies! :smiley:


isnt that a theme in a few stories where the devil is involved


Right on Way cool Thank You @Whiterose0818 :thumbsup:

@Kinnikinnick @Jazzy_girl @xxanalogxx @Pattie @rckchik


@daath, I’ll pay shipping and duties.
@Joel, same deal
@Aaron, because he needs some love
@Ken_O_Where, because he knows not what he is missing and @jojo because one is not enough!


what when were who? :smiley:


whats going on


whats a guy gotta do


As for now, tag your friends. There will be a separate thread sometime this week to enter.

This will be a WhiteRose Custom Mod…FREE…


@Bikerdude @Lostmarbles @sirgalvid1

@Jayrell where have you been???