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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


That’s the exact one I was looking to get !


Count me in @thetinman1 ! Awesome of you to step up. Thanks again @whiterose0818:+1:


count me in fellas :wink:
nice one @TheTinMan1 :wink: and @Whiterose0818 :ok_hand:


I’d love a chance to get my hands on 1 of your georgeous mods. Count me in. Thanks @Whiterose0818 for the giveaway


Heads up for a WhiteRose Custom Mods giveaway!!!

You heard right this is a give away!

check in if you are interested in owning one of the best mods you will ever own. Dual 18650 with NLPWM board!!!

Tag your friends that would be interested.

@robin @woftam @Pugs1970 @worm1 @Joel5 @JoJo @therabidweasel @Lolly @SthrnMixer @BoDarc


And more people

@Underanne @Norseman @Pentine @BoyHowdy @ringling @SessionDrummer @Ken_O_Where


I would definetly be interested, @Whiterose0818 makes excellent boxes.Thanks for the giveaway and thks for the tag @TheTinMan1


@Jazzy_girl @Bob_Bitchen @mrneph2 @Walt3 @MysticRose @juice_junkie_lover


WHAT !!! ??? Someone said FREE WR MOD ??? !!!


@TheTinMan1 @woftam @Fozzy71 @VapeyMama @Saxon2 @SthrnMixer @Pugs1970 @Norseman @Alisa @JoJo


@oldvaporuser drag it out of chat and get in here. You too @Nappen

@mstokens @Skullblade789 @GalacticResidue @CallMeTut @fidalgo_vapes


@Skullblade789 @MisterSinner @Walt3 @Ken_O_Where @apwroblewski @fidalgo_vapes @GPC2012 @Whiterose0818 @Big_Benny_MI @Chrispdx


What if i dont have any friends?
@Iumentum @oldvaporuser @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit [JoJo fify] (did she change her name?)


@Sprkslfly @mixologist13 @Amy2 @Chrispdx @RobynRye @R113


There will be a separate thread for the drawing. Just tag as many people as you know.



@Mew :grinning:


guess she changed it but didnt update the name in my favorites…


Is she your friend? I thought she said you smelled like peepee :grinning:


I do but us hairy footed peps stick together


Well seeing as how you three already tagged everyone I would have tagged, I’ll just say again
Count me in.


@wvsanta @Rob62