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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Thanks for the heads up on this… and thank you @Whiterose0818 for the offer to get in on this…



I’ll be looking for the new thread! :+1:


Ok I’m in lol @fidalgo_vapes @LordVapor @MikeG @Tony_the_tiger


Thanks for the tags Tin & Saxon! =D

And thank you Whiterose0818 for the opportunity!

@Beaufort_Batches @Lostmarbles @SessionDrummer @MysticRose @VapeyMama @R113 @mixologist13 @BoDarc @DarthVapor @tbt127


I’m good on NLPWM Mods so I don’t need to be in on the draw just because I’d rather everyone who doesn’t have one have all the opportunity. Anything I can help you with @Whiterose0818?


thanks, but i haven’t figured out how to go to the first post in the thread yet :laughing: ,at least, not without scolling up and up until i die of old age !

[EDIT] woot! I did it. you just click on the title. Then you have to figure out how to get back to where you were chuckle I went a bit of a circuitous route , which involved me in various distractions. But here I am. Gorgeous mod! Makes me almost wish I was a hardware buff, and not just a humble MTL type vaper. Great work.


I’m with @jay210 on this one. I assume my brotha Rob is giving a mod away or something, but this being an old thread, I would rather not scroll through 600+ comments on my phone, to see which one is relevant now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the thought @Sprkslfly, maybe my stister @Amy2 will have more patience than I :wink:


What! WHUUT!? I’m in! I actually read all those names …did we forget @JMak642 @tbt127 @tbt1271 @Bearkat ?


Would love to give one a try. I have been looking for artwork I would want when I order one.


@Whiterose0818 is doing another one of his custom mod giveaways. @Lolly @Joy


Thanks for the tag brother, i would love the chance to own a custom @Whiterose0818 mod. Who wouldn’t?
Dudes a legend!! His work speaks for itself, so yes, please count me in. :+1::blush:


Thanks for the tag brother, and thanks to @Whiterose0818 the legend.


Thanks for all the tags everyone! @Whiterose0818 you rock!
Let’s see if can tag a few people who haven’t been tagged yet…
@Silhouette @Ducky_Mona @Marsubiplami @David5362 @manny123 @draig


Thank you for the tag, nice way to be directed to a very nice piece of equipment


thanks for the tag @VapeyMama


Thank for the tag @Leilani @Rob62 @TheTinMan1 @RobynRye!! I’d love the chance to win this awesome mod!


I’m in @robin @Volition @Naseschwarz


Can I play too?
@Lolly @GalacticResidue


Oooh, Oooh, Pick Me, Pick Me! Hahaha :grin:

@GPC2012 @DrChud @VapeyMama @Lolly @Underanne @Norseman


If you are up to it, you and @TheTinMan1 can start a fresh thread and start logging names. I figure we’ll log names until Wednesday afternoon, then run it. Thoughts?