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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


If I don’t win I am going to hurt myself


On that note if you do win and I don’t, I fulfill that threat… lol


What are we tagging names for? I’ve kinda been out of the loop lately.


A Whiterose custom mod give away


Sweet, he makes great mods!!!

What are the rules, if you don’t mind me asking. Not wanting to read through all 680 posts.


Thanks for the tag @worm1 :kissing_heart: and to @Whiterose0818 for the mod giveaway !

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@VapeyMama, @Saxon2, Thanks for the tags, also thanks VapeyMama for the help!


Yea I can start a new thread, what do you want it called?


Never mind, I see that TinMan has it covered…


Wow a giveaway. Yeah baby. Ive been saving my pennies to get one.
@MisterSinner @Pro_Vapes @Amy2 @Lolly


Make sure you get to the contest thread and get your name in.


Go to this thread asap! :+1:


I learned a new word today…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The 20th of July will mark 2 years that I quit the coffin nails. I decided to mark the occasion by ordering another of @Whiterose0818 beautiful custom creations. This time I went with a stabwood finish. From choosing the main body color, the accent finishes, the power option etc…once again, Robert made the design process absolutely pain free.

At the same time, I also ordered a second mod as a surprise present for my good friend and drummer. He is the person who helped me quit smoking. He handed me his old Kanger Evod and Protank 2 two years ago. After speaking with Robert about the colors for this one…we went with matching the finish on the drum kit my friend currently uses. I can not wait to surprise him with this thank you gift!

The following pictures by no means do justice to what these stunning mods look like in person.

My new piece of art…all reds that are popping through are translucent pieces with light coming through from behind. In the last pictures of both mods, the bright red/orange light is actually coming from the led indicator inside…yes.

The gift for my friend…

Thank you Robert for these magnificent works.

Vape Mail 2017!

Utterly beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m still saving my pennies as a WR will be my next mod purchase :grin:


Fantastic…you will not be disappointed. Trust me. :boom:


Absolutely gorgeous, stunning. :ok_hand:


SeXah! too cool…


Those are just fucking sick. Wow. I can’t wait till I get mine! August will be two years for me! Perfect timing. :wink:
Congrats on two years of awesomeness!!


Thanks sis :grinning: super excited for you too!


bloody lovely mate :wink: love it…sooo looking forward to my next :ok_hand: