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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Thanks Pugs. :facepunch:


Son of a gun! That is a work of art. Absolutely gorgeous.

As a side note, I would very much like to be your friend. Nice gift.

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. That is an epic milestone. A great way to commemorate with a WhiteRose Mod.


Many thanks brother. :facepunch: and who said we aren’t already friends? Lol


it is my pleasure, brother…i hope you know this!
much love!!


Absolutely do brother :facepunch:


First things first, is that a Tama floor tom ??

Kidding. What the hell are those made from because I like. Loving the dual 18650’s. What board is in those ?


I believe it is Tama lol… I’ll have to check this weekend lmao.

These finishes are a combination of wood and resins. You can basically do any combo of colors. The boards are Smart PWM. Super nice to use.


You were correct @SessionDrummer … Tama lol my drummer was so surprised. Heartlfelt practice for sure.


Pssstt… @Whiterose0818 :facepunch: this beauty took a ride today.


I’m guessing it was going to the post office to be shipped to North Carolina. Ammirite???


Why do you always reply when I am drinking and make me do a spit take? :laughing:


I think we may be mentally connected in that way. We have a bond. Now if I can focus hard enough I can visualize that mod in my possession. :grinning:


Holeee shit! I was SO going to make fun of you for the whole “objectophilia” thing…
But damnit, if I don’t take it all back.

::evil whisper:: Thar’s things I wanna do to them mods…


Hahhaa glad you got it :laughing:


@MisterSinner Hehe I know my drums. I’m starting to feel like I gotta get to know that MOD better though !!!





I so want to insert that “Scanners” gif


I thought of that.


You on the subway?